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The 2 Best Value Stocks to Buy for 2021

Unlike many sectors, banks did not rally back to new highs when the Fed and Congress stepped up with stimulus programs to support the economy.

Investors were afraid of what would happen when people could not pay their bills and began to default on credit cards, car loans, and even mortgages.

That has not happened.

Although banks have had to work with some borrowers to restructure their loans and defer some payments, disaster never struck.

Banks entered 2020 with more capital than ever before, and loan portfolios were in pristine condition.

Most banks would have survived the worst the pandemic could have thrown at them.

With a vaccine close at hand, banks are poised to thrive once again. Here are my two best value stocks to buy now...

Why the Dow Jones Could Quickly Hit 35,000

The anticipation is palpable… and building fast. We've had three reports on extremely effective upcoming coronavirus vaccines, and each report practically blows the last one out of the water.

First we heard preliminary reports that Pfizer and BioNTech's revolutionary messenger RNA (mRNA) coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective. That was great… until yesterday morning, when the biotechs got back in touch to say the real figure was something closer to 95%. And in the middle, we've heard from Moderna, which is reporting its mRNA vaccine is 94.5% effective.

Every time, stocks have taken off like a shot at the news; vaccines have helped push the Dow back above its February 2020 highs.

Here's the thing… setting aside the six vaccines The New York Times reports are in limited use in China and Russia – about which there are many unanswered questions – there are at least nine more coronavirus vaccines deep in phase 3, large-scale efficacy trials.

And there are no less than 55 more candidates in earlier, phase 1 and 2 trials. Some of these vaccine candidates won't advance, but others almost certainly will – two have already.

That all this has happened in less than a year is an "Apollo moonshot"-like scientific achievement. But that's also a whole lot of concentrated upside potential that could flood the markets and push stocks to almost unthinkable highs.

So I asked Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani what it all means for us investors…


Is Roblox Stock a Buy After the IPO?

The COVID-19 pandemic sent the economy reeling, but some industries have thrived.

You already know about success stories like Zoom Inc.

(NASDAQ: ZM) taking off thanks to new remote work trends.

But another industry is quietly thriving in this new economy too: video games.

That’s exactly why I want to talk to you about the Roblox IPO.

Kids and adults alike have been flocking to games as a way to virtually hang out and as a great indoor activity.

Unity Software Inc.

(NYSE: U), a game development platform that went public last month has already seen its stock price surge roughly 75% and has been on my radar as one of the best IPOs of the year.


Roblox could be on the same trajectory…

Why DraftKings Stock Is a Must Own Now

The presidential election may have gotten most of the headlines, but quietly three states (Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota) were all voting on another important issue: sports gambling.

All three states voted to pass bills that will legalize sports betting starting next year.

That should prove to be a major catalyst for sports gambling stocks into 2021 and beyond.

And DraftKings Inc.

(NASDAQ: DKNG) stock is set to be the biggest winner out of all them.

I'll show you why…


Is DoorDash Stock a Buy After the IPO?

The DoorDash IPO is here. And in a year where the economy has struggled and IPOs have been sparse, this one might have something going for it.

Today, we'll show you whether DoorDash stock is a buy after the IPO or not.

Though the IPO market slowed down in response to COVID-19, the food delivery business promised a different outlook.

Everyone was ordering food delivered to their houses.

Lucky for DoorDash, the company is in the food delivery business.

And it's one of the leading names in the business.


Best Call Options to Buy Right Now

Stocks are off the races again today after Moderna announced its vaccine candidate is over 90% effective.

The Dow surged over 350 points higher at the open and is trending toward a new record close.

Money is flowing back into Wall Street thanks to the end of the election and two viable vaccine candidates.

To help you get your slice of the profits, we're going to show you the best call options to buy now.