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The Six Best Stocks to Buy to Make Money This Summer

There's a lot of money to be made this summer with the economic reopening, and to find the standout opportunities, Chris has used his favorite technical indicators to filter out the top "reopening" stocks into the best-of-the-best "get out there" plays to make today.

Here are six stocks offering the best profit opportunities….


Three Recovery Stocks to Buy Before Summer Starts

Some pandemic recovery plays have been a lot smoother than others – JETS and PEJ have had relatively consistent runs up.

Other recovery stocks to buy haven't been "all upside," though; they've had much choppier runs, with steep sell-offs along the way.

That's changing now, though, and the time is right to jump on these three surging stocks…


Why Krispy Kreme Stock Won't Come Back from Its Last IPO Disaster

A Krispy Kreme IPO could be on the way…again.

But Krispy Kreme failed as a public stock before.

In the event that Krispy Kreme returns to the New York Stock Exchange, here's what we think of second chances… We do not know much at this moment, since the company said it filed confidentially with the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this month, May 4.

We do, however, know enough about this company's first go-around to make our own judgment call.


My Updated Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Predictions

Tom Gentile's readers had a shot at selling into the top of the recent cryptocurrency bull run, before volatility knocked double-digits off Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top crypto prices.

Tom's made up some fresh charts to show where prices are headed and where folks should buy in..


Why Figs Stock Is the First Must-Buy IPO on Robinhood

The Figs stock offering will be one of the very first where IPO shares can be bought through the online brokerage platform Robinhood.

Robinhood is rolling out its new IPO Access feature, a tool that lets its users attempt to buy shares of IPOs that would otherwise be impossible for them to buy.

Robinhood will have a limited number of shares.

But the company assured investors that everyone who applies for shares would get an equal chance at getting shares regardless of how big their account is at the firm.

Now, let's talk about whether or not you should actually think about requesting some Figs shares.