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The Q3 Intuit Stock Earnings Call and How to Play It

Financial software and services provider Intuit reports earnings after close today.

The current Wall Street expectation for Intuit stock stands at $6.47 a share for the quarter.

But the company itself guided much lower than that earlier this month.


Let’s first take a look at what to expect from the Intuit earnings report today. Then, we’ll share the right time to buy.

How Anyone Can Access Robinhood IPO Shares

After months of negative press, Robinhood today offers good news and better news.

In fact, it might be some of the best news for retail investors since Robinhood pioneered commission-free trading on its mobile app in 2013.

We'll give you the good news first: the Robinhood IPO date now looms closer than ever.

The better news is that retail investors can likely grab shares of Robinhood stock at IPO when it comes around. Until now, this was not always the case.

Why the 24% Virgin Galactic Stock Jump Is Only the Beginning

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) successfully flew to space for the first time since 2019 on May 22 (Saturday).

As a result, the stock jumped 24% the following Monday.

But Virgin Galactic stock has much higher to go in a space industry poised to reach $1 trillion by 2040, according to Morgan Stanley.

That's nearly triple its 2020 value of $350 billion.

Virgin Galactic will almost certainly share in that growth.

The successful test flight represents a giant leap forward for the company's plans to lead human spaceflight for individuals and researchers.

Here's what you should know about this space stock meanwhile.

Grab Hidden 192% Profit in the Mass Real Estate Buy-Up

A Texas home sold for $300,000 above asking, and it was still a tight race.

A Boston couple visited about 100 homes in a year.

Their only winning offer was $90,000 over asking.

A home in Seattle appraised for $745,000 and sold for $125 million.

The buyer didn't even see it in person.

Welcome to America's crazy real estate market.

Anyone is lucky to catch a break here. But even if you're sitting on the sidelines, one of the best stocks to buy now offers a backdoor play with 192% potential.

Why Corsair Stock Has More Than 200% Gains Ahead

Corsair stock was one of the biggest plays on the lockdown.

It was a great time to be a computer hardware dealer, as many rushed for entertainment to fill their stay-at-home time.

It was also a great time to IPO.

The Corsair IPO price started at $17 and shot up to $51, a 200% return for some investors.


If you missed that, don’t worry. This company is just getting started. Corsair is much more than a “stay-at-home” stock.

Biden’s Plan Could Drive 203% Profits on This $39 Infrastructure Stock

The Interstate Highway System alone is more than 65 years old… and it shows.

Seems like every year another bridge is shut down to avoid a deadly catastrophe.

Biden’s $2.25 infrastructure plan aims to address all of that.

It’s an ambitious to-do list, and this $39 construction company checks all the boxes.



Why the Ripple (XRP) Coin Is Back on My Crypto Radar

The Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency is up more than 400% for the year, and it looks like even more profits are around the corner.

Big financial institutions are increasingly using XRP technology to cut costs and boost services.

One big bank is slated to use Ripple to generate $24 billion worth of business… .


Buy This Instead of "Big Tech" Stocks and Bank 55% Gains

Inflation and sky-high valuations have finally caught up with the big tech stocks; the entire NASDAQ is down 3% for the month, and it looks even worse stock by stock.

But one exchange-traded fund (ETF) just hit Chris Johnson's "buy" zone – it's offering at least 55% in profit potential right now.