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We Made Exactly the Right Call on Powell’s Speech

“What can I say except ‘you're welcome’ for the tides, the sun, the sky?” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell spoke at 2:30 PM this afternoon, and, as I predicted yesterday, at 2:35 PM, the S&P 500 did what I said it would do. We peeled off after the Fed’s announcement and hit the third standard deviation […]

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In Finding Where Twitter Is Buried... "X" Marks the Spot

Given that it’s earnings season, let’s run through a quick exercise. Company A produced $88 million less in advertising revenue in the first four months of this year than the year prior. Company A relies on advertising to account for 90% of its total revenue. Our conclusion: Company A needs to make some drastic operational […]

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Why I Actually Watched Squawk Box This Morning

I took many questions from yesterday's piece on global liquidity. That's good. It means that people are thinking. They're questioning. They're challenging the status quo but also the author. That's how it should be. The markets don't care about valuations right now. Earnings reports are coming in, and regional banking stocks are getting stronger – […]

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Your First Warning

There are a handful of arcade games that sucked quarters out of my pocket at a pace that would make the best con man blush. Double Dragon… NFL Blitz… Marvel Vs. Capcom… The Simpsons… and… of course… Contra. But one game rises above all others. This game was legitimately designed to take money from children. […]

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This Is One Insider Buy I'm Sitting Out - Here's Why

In the Florida Republic, we have ten laws – not rules, but laws – that all should follow. No. 4 is “Qualify Everything.” If something seems too good to be true… it is. If someone offers you something, gather all information necessary to make an informed decision on whether you will accept… And if an investment opportunity arrives […]

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What to Expect from Markets the Week of July 24

Postcards from the florida republic: An independent and profitable state of mind. The dogs don’t like the thunder. Elsie, a pit-Basset mix we adopted, jumps on the bed when it booms. She builds a fort of pillows around her and then hides beneath a blanket. The other dog, Gracie, a Chihuahua mix, gets to the […]

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