Chris Johnson


Book 60%-Plus Profits on This Short Squeeze Play

The ship has sailed on the GameStop short squeeze play – ditto the AMC Theaters trade.

But, Chris Johnson has isolated one stock with a whopping 6.2 short-interest ratio that’s primed for truly massive gains this month.

CJ is projecting at least 60% profits here by the Fourth of July… .



The Six Best Stocks to Buy to Make Money This Summer

There's a lot of money to be made this summer with the economic reopening, and to find the standout opportunities, Chris has used his favorite technical indicators to filter out the top "reopening" stocks into the best-of-the-best "get out there" plays to make today.

Here are six stocks offering the best profit opportunities….



How to Find Profit Opportunities in These Two Sectors Before July

May tends to bring a higher level of uncertainty into the markets each year.

In fact, while investors think they should sell, a lot of the time they're leaving money on the table.

But not to worry – Chris is going to break down how you can profitably navigate the two factors causing this uncertainty and easily find the profitable opportunities out there….



Buy This $4 Stock Monday to Lock In 50% Profits

Markets sold off violently this week as the full scale of inflation fears began to sink in.

Though stocks managed to catch a break on Thursday, the gains were not evenly spread out across indexes.

But a permanent state of volatility seems to be the new normal, and while this spells trouble for the short-term trend, especially Big Tech, Chris isn't worried.

In fact, his chart shows a technical situation unfolding here that'll likely send one small stock soaring 50% or more..



Bank 50% Profits on This "Buy the Dip" Stock

Chris has been extremely bullish on the long-term outlook for clean energy stocks.

And he’s not alone – President Biden is planning to pivot to clean energy on a national scale, as is the rest of the world to some degree.

So, if clean energy is “The Future,” why has the sector been tanking since mid-winter? Chris’ charts will show that this is a classic “buy the dip” scenario on stocks that could snap back 50% or more before long.

And he’s picked the best one to buy….



How to Play Bitcoin and Bitcoin Stocks Right Now

Following its market debut, high buying volume drove Coinbase’s stock price to well over $400 a share and increased its value to over $100 billion.

With that much cash behind it, COIN has become an instant institution that’s moved the timeline forward on the crypto market.

So, what are the investing implications for Bitcoin and its biggest stocks? While the trend is currently down, Chris will show you some charts that’ll make clear just how big of a buying opportunity this is….



Buy This ETF for 26% Gains... and Trade It for More Than 100%

After a weak March performance, stocks are roaring back.

Indeed, Chris has been saying all along that strong momentum and April seasonality will keep markets moving higher.

But there's one ETF that really stands out amongst all these bullish performers.

Buying it outright means double-digit profits, but trading options will probably double your money here if you move this week.

Here's the ticker… .



This Week's Best Stock Offers 82% Gains at a Steep Discount

How do you tell the difference between a prime “buy the dip” situation and one that would be classified as, “don’t try and catch a falling knife”? Chris is going to show you just how to do that today, because when you have a good chart, it’s easy to tell the difference between a genuine buying opportunity like the one he’s got for you and, well, a falling knife….