This Auto "E-Tailer" Stock Is Ripe for a Breakout

The markets are a little "shaky" this week as investors weigh inflation concerns against earnings season profit potential.

But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of breakouts brewing, just out of sight…

In fact, Chris Johnson's already spotted the next big windfall in a group of online car buying stocks – easily one of the hottest trends this summer.

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This Industrials Stock Is "Just Right": The Best Mid-Cap to Trade in the Mixed Market's Sweet Spot

Stocks are trading mixed as small-caps slip into bearish territory, and tech blue chips redefine "overvalued" every day.

But this industrials stock is sitting right in in the market's sweet spot – between low-risk and high-growth – and it's getting ready for a record setting breakout.

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How to Play Disney Stock This Week

The $358 billion entertainment juggernaut, Walt Disney Co., recently announced its Disney+ streaming service had topped 100 million subscribers.

And its revenue flow’s remained steady despite the pandemic shutting down its theme parks and cruises.

Even so, Andrew’s starting to see some signs of weakness that could add up to massive profits for folks on the right side of the trade….



Here's the Best $1 Trade on Raytheon Right Now

Two of America's biggest defense contractors turned their earnings in this past week, and the results were… mixed.

Raytheon Technologies reported a solid beat on earnings per share, and the stock went up, but Lockheed Martin took a beating for missing on earnings expectations – a heckuva way for investors to treat the company that just this past Wednesday replaced Boeing as the world's biggest aerospace and defense operation.

But the common thread here is both companies' extremely iffy forward guidance on aircraft and equipment sales; forecasts were much lower than expected, and that's kept interest pretty tepid.

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now… Full Story

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now...


How to Play Netflix Next Week

After Netflix announced a dynamite Q4 earnings report and officially hit the 200 million subscribers mark for the first time ever, more investors than ever are piling in.

While Andrew trades this stock all the time, he'll show you the best way to play it this week…



The Best Put Options to Buy Now for a 98.7% Profit Opportunity

The secret to profitable options trading is to avoid going with the crowd.

When everyone is doing the same thing, chances are the crowd could be stampeding over a cliff.

Right now, with stocks trading at record highs, you don't want to fall for the hype and ignore all the signs that maybe a bump in the road is coming.

It's near the end of the year and one of those bumps comes from money managers and investors looking to harvest tax losses to reduce their overall tax bite before the new year.

That's fueling our best put options to buy now...


The Best Call and Put Options to Trade Now

Many people fear volatility in the market.

It's no wonder because the media constantly harps on how volatility is bad for your investments.

What they don't tell you is that volatility cuts both ways.

If there were no volatility then there would be no movement in the market.

Everything would just sit still.

That means no gains.

The truth is we need volatility.

And that's doubly true for options trades.

Volatility is where the paydays come from.

In fact, Money Morning Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson says volatility is a trader's best friend and right now one of his best options trades could help you reap the most of a December volatility spike.