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Here Are the Cannabis Earnings Reports I'm Watching in This Big Revenue Quarter

The past few months have seen some minor scandals push marijuana shares’ prices down, which is natural in a new industry like this.

Aphria, however, zoomed to an intraday high of $7.45 after announcing earnings.

The company increased its net cannabis revenue by 85%, which is a big deal – and it won’t be the only cannabis firm to do that.

That’s why Greg’s looking at a list of the biggest cannabis stocks right now that’ll report next week in a big and potentially very profitable wave…


Here's What's Really Happening with Aphria's Stellar Earnings Report

Aphria reported its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings last week, and the company exceeded all expectations.

And it beat those estimates from underneath a cloud of short sellers' spurious innuendo, to boot.

After a quarter of overall decline in Canadian cannabis revenue, Aphria saw an increase of 85% – that's 85% sequentially and not year over year. The company also turned earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) positive – albeit after adjustments and with help from a European pharmaceutical distribution business the company owns.

And to top it off, management's optimistic about the future.

So any investor could look at Aphria's reporting and conclude it had a great quarter. And they'd be dead on.

What might not be so obvious at first glance is that this company just showed investors how it was going to take the cannabis sector to the next level.

There’s much more here than meets the eye…


What Every Investor Needs to Know About the CannTrust Affair

For a supposedly "controversial" sector, legal cannabis has been refreshingly transparent and light on (actual) scandal, especially compared to, say, finance.

But there's always one…

CannTrust Holdings is a licensed cannabis producer in Canada; It's a popular stock that's seen 2019 highs of CA$14.87 (US$11.24) a share…

And those shares have slid 56% over the past month because of a mounting scandal.

There are $40 million worth of CannTrust products involved – and countless millions more in capital in play here.

Investors are wondering, so I'm going to show you what's happening here...