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Here's the Right Profit Plan for This Wild Market

We've seen the Dow swing from 29,100 to 26,763 since the highs of Sept. 2 – and if that's not "volatility," I don't know what is.

That's probably pretty scary for buy-and-hold investors, but the thing is, as traders, we absolutely need that volatility; if stocks won't budge, most trades just won't make money – definitely not the kind of money that frees you up to spend an hour trading and the rest of the time doing what you want.

So we need markets to swing around a bit, and that means we also need a good plan to stay on the winning side of those big moves.

It turns out "plan your trade and trade your plan" is an old Wall Street saying for a really good reason.

Let's do it – it's easier than you might think… Full Story

Let's do it - it's easier than you might think...

Trading Strategies

How to Protect Your Hard-Earned Money with Options Right Now

A UBS study not long ago polled 3,750 investors, and 81% are predicting another market crash before the end of the year. The average drop of the predictions? Thirty-five percent.

Now, I'm usually not one to run with a crowd, but in this case… Well, even the most bullish optimists out there in Sunshine Town have to admit, the risks are there, and they're pretty easy to see.

We've got a potentially chaotic, drawn-out presidential election in November, which is right around the time experts agree cooler weather could bring worse COVID-19 outbreaks. We've got tensions with Iran; China and India have a bone to pick with each other, too. And, any given hour of the day or night, a provocative tweet from the White House could upend any and everything, really.

The 10% dip the Nasdaq took last week could be just an appetizer. Any one or a combination of those things could send stocks tumbling just as low, or lower, than we saw in March.

Look, I'm not saying this to spoil your good time. And I'm not saying it's time to head for the hills – not by a long shot.

But it is the perfect time to look at some inexpensive and, in some cases, potentially very profitable ways to fortify our portfolios and any long-term positions we might like to have on.

These moves will work if we have another crash, but they'll also pay off if we get another big gap downward like last week's, which could be even be more likely than a flat-out crash.

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Here's what to do...