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Three Stocks: Mind Medicine, CrowdStrike, and Hewlett Packard

Mind Medicine Shares of Mind Medicine (MNMD) traded as much as 20% lower today in the wake of an announcement from an FDA advisory committee. The advisory committee issued a negative vote on a psychedelic treatment being developed by Lykos. Shares of MindMed finished the day only 10% lower after the analysis of the headlines […]

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The 3 Best Tech Stocks with High Dividends to Buy Now

2020 has been the year of the technology explosion.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated advances in cloud computing, remote working and learnings, e-commerce and several other segments of the technology marketplace.

A decade worth of adoption took place in a matter of weeks as we were all stuck at home.

While income investors may feel left out of the technology explosion, that doesn't have to be the case.

In fact, I'm going to show you two of the best tech stocks with high dividends right now.

That's right.

You get the explosive growth potential of tech stocks with the added income of a dividend stock.

That's a win-win.

Here are my three favorites...


Why Sprout Social Stock Is Not a Buy After the IPO

Sprout Social may be a popular up-and-coming marketing technology firm, but that doesn't make Sprout Social stock a buy after its IPO.

That's why, today, we're going to break down the case for investing in Sprout Social stock and why it may not be worth the investment.

Plus, we'll also show you Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist, Michael A. Robinson's, favorite pick to profit from 2019's IPOs that has completely crushed the broader market.


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The Dow Jones Today Is Up as China Agrees with U.S. on Key Issue

The Dow Jones today is ticking higher after China voiced concession to U.S. demands for better intellectual property protection.

This has been a key issue in trade discussions between the two nations.

China has expressed commitment to providing clearer copyright assurances for American firms.

They have also agreed to agricultural purchases from the U.S., another term discussed in the talks.



The Surprising Way to Play a Historic AI Merger

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (NYSE: HPE) stunned Wall Street on May 17 with important merger news.

That's when the company announced it was joining forces with another historic computing firm.

See, HPE is a spin-off of the storied Hewlett Packard, one of Silicon Valley's early computing pioneers. It said last Friday it is buying supercomputing legend Cray for about $1.4 billion.

Here's the thing. HPE is making the move because it wants greater access to a lucrative tech platform we've been talking about for some time now – artificial intelligence (AI).

The timing is great. IDC says worldwide spending on AI systems will jump 44% this year to $35.8 billion.

And this ranks as a twofer. Cray remains a supercomputing powerhouse. It has won a string of government contracts over the years, which will give HPE a stable sales base.

Cray just scored a $600 million Department of Energy contract to build what is expected to be the world's fastest supercomputer.

Let's not forget that supercomputers play a critical role in AI, which requires massive processing power.

And today, I'm going to tell you of a hidden way to play this exciting AI merger.

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Dow Jones

Why Four Speeches from Fed Officials Will Move the Dow Jones Today

The Dow Jones today is trending upward in pre-market hours as traders anticipate four speeches from Federal Reserve officials today that could divulge clues about upcoming rate hikes. Dow Futures projected a near 100-point gain in pre-market hours after the 10-year bond dipped back under 2.9%.

While the nature of the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes are still uncertain, savvy investors are already positioning themselves to profit...


4 Stocks to Avoid at All Costs in 2018

Thanks to a late-day sell-off Thursday (Dec. 21), the Dow Jones Industrial Average just missed yet another record-high close.

Even so, this illustrious index has already logged an incredible 70 record-high closes in 2017, more than in any other year in its 122-year history.

But even with the market soaring in 2017, there are still some dogs that don't deserve any space in your portfolio. And we've pinpointed the four absolute worst stocks to avoid in 2018 for readers today...