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Pocket 500% with This "Delta Variant" Volatility Trade

Just when we thought we were out of the woods and on the other side of this pandemic, the meaner, more infectious COVID-19 Delta variant is currently jeopardizing our post-pandemic recovery.

While nobody knows if the surge in cases will return to 2020 peak levels, even the prospect of it is enough to move the markets.

And all this volatility spells opportunity, which is why Tom’s got the perfect way to play it for a chance to pocket 500%…



The 6 Best Summer Stocks to Buy Now

This summer, good news in our social lives is even better news for our investments.

Cash will pour into the companies at the center of the summer recovery.

In fact, there are so many directions you can invest your money right now that it might be hard to distinguish what’s real opportunity and what’s hype.

Thankfully, Money Morning Contributing Analyst Chris Wilcox has done the hard work for you by curating a list of his favorite summer stocks that you’ll want to be a part of before it’s too late.


The Six Best Stocks to Buy to Make Money This Summer

There's a lot of money to be made this summer with the economic reopening, and to find the standout opportunities, Chris has used his favorite technical indicators to filter out the top "reopening" stocks into the best-of-the-best "get out there" plays to make today.

Here are six stocks offering the best profit opportunities….



Why Airline Stocks Won't Be Flying Higher Anytime Soon

Airline stocks have had an impressive run over the last year, but as the vaccinations spread and restrictions drop, investors are wondering why these stocks aren't ratcheting higher anymore.

Some traders and investors are puzzled by the slowdown in recent weeks.

They should not be.

We aren't.

Shares of many airlines are now back to pre-pandemic levels.

There is no way that most of these stocks should be back at this level.

Here’s why airline stocks have plateaued and when they’ll go higher again…


This Is the Best Value Stock to Buy Right Now

With the rate at which vaccinations are currently taking place across the country, there’ll likely be a shot available to every adult who wants one by May 1.

It’s what’s driving a historic economic recovery in record time.

For investors, it means monster profit potential in classic value stocks right now.

And Andrew thinks this firm’s the real deal….



How to Play Disney Stock This Week

The $358 billion entertainment juggernaut, Walt Disney Co., recently announced its Disney+ streaming service had topped 100 million subscribers.

And its revenue flow’s remained steady despite the pandemic shutting down its theme parks and cruises.

Even so, Andrew’s starting to see some signs of weakness that could add up to massive profits for folks on the right side of the trade….



Is Now a Good Time to Buy Airline Stocks?

Now that we have two very effective coronavirus vaccines heading for the market, things appear to be looking up for the airlines.

Airline stocks have rebounded sharply in the last few weeks as it increasingly looks like we will be able to put the pandemic behinds us next year.

United Airlines (NYSE: UAL), for example, is up 20% since the start of November.

And if UAL rebounds to it's January highs investors could make over 100% profits.

That profit potential has investors asking the same question, "is now the time to buy airline stocks." The answer is yes.

And no.

Let us explain...

Trading Strategies

Buy These Stocks, Sell These, and Watch This Critical Number

Unfortunately, the political and personal fault lines in the United States are about as raw and volatile as they've ever been. But that's a subject for another time and place.

As investors, whatever our personal politics or feelings are, now is the time to quickly come to terms with what's happening and what likely will happen in the stock market.

Because despite the market's action yesterday, it has drawn a line of its own – a "line in the sand" – and where your money is in relation to this line will make a big difference.

I'm going to show you where that line lies, because there are some dangers, no doubt, but there are also some unique profit opportunities… Full Story

I'm going to show you where that line lies, because there are some dangers, no doubt, but there are also some unique profit opportunities...