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Should I Buy Barrick Gold Stock Now?

Warren Buffett's most recent SEC filing showed that Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) purchased 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold (NYSE: GOLD) in the second quarter.

This raised some eyebrows as Buffett has been pretty outspoken about his dislike of precious metals investments over the years.

In reality, it is unlikely that this was Buffett's call.

Rather, it was probably one of the other portfolio managers at the firm – Ted Weschler or Todd Combs – who each manage about $15 billion of Berkshire's investment portfolio.

The total purchase of Barrick Gold cost Berkshire $562 million, which is relatively small for Buffett, and more in line with Ted or Todd's position sizing.

In spite of that, the headlines screamed Buffett buys a gold stock.

And the headline traders piled in moving the stock price about 11% higher on Monday.

Today, I'll break down what the average retail investor should do with Barrick Gold stock now…



The Smart "Low-Risk, High-Profit" Way to Own and Trade Gold Right Now

Gold, the oldest protective play there is, is new again. Coronavirus is tightening its grip on the U.S. economy. Did you see the second-quarter GDP numbers? A record-breaking 32% contraction.

The third quarter should be at least a bit better, at least on paper, but with the pandemic no one I know is staking much on that.

No wonder the yellow stuff just hit an all-time high of $1,971 and change just this past Monday. That's a gain of a bit more than 27% for 2020, and 36% for the past year.

I don't think the run is over – not by a long shot. Some conservative analysts are saying gold could top $2,000 an ounce before the year is through. I think that's just like how it sounds: conservative.

At this rate, it's not out of the question to think it could top $2,000 way before Labor Day.

Every investor should have long gold positions right now. They'll be protected, sure, and they'll see some appreciation – even more as the toppy market rolls over and the dollar weakens further.

But here's the thing: For as many investors as are rushing in right now, I'd bet very few will realize how to play gold, let alone maximize their gold profits in this climate. So, before you go out and by so much as a gram, make sure you read this, and make these exact moves… Full Story

So, before you go out and by so much as a gram, make sure you read this, and make these exact moves...


Markets Live Recap: Unemployment in Focus Today

This morning, United States weekly jobless claims came in at 4.4 million.

Just over 26 million Americans have now applied for unemployment… In the last 5 weeks.

That means the U.S. economy has wiped out all the job gains since the Great Recession.

Unemployment sits at 23% and it doesn't look like we're close to re-opening the economy any time soon.

Despite that, investors shrugged off the news, bidding up the S&P 500 about 1.7% to start the day.

But stocks turned over mid-day and closed about flat.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - saw in the financial markets today, April 23...


My Favorite Gold Company Doesn't Own a Single Shovel

Every now and then an idea comes along that revolutionizes an entire industry. Today we call that "disruption."

But disruption can happen on a number of levels. Sometimes it can be so subtle it takes years or even decades to be fully recognized for what it is.

It doesn't always have to be groundbreaking either – often it's simply a tweak or a re-think of an existing idea that just… opens the floodgates.

And nothing is ever the same again.

That's exactly what happened to the world of resource financing in the early 1980s, when the royalty business model, then commonplace in oil and gas, was applied to the gold mining sector.

A brand-new, high-profit investment was born.

Today, royalty/streaming companies thrive, and so do their investors.

It's an investing segment no investor can ignore – especially now, at the start of a secular gold bull.

Over the next few years, royalty/streamers will be generating fortunes for those shrewd enough to claim a stake right now.

This is the perfect time to pick up shares in the leader I've got in mind...


Monday's Market Sell-Off Revealed... Four Massive Gold Plays

When stocks tanked on Monday, the gold mining companies fell with the broad market early.

Then, something unusual happened: Around midday, when the sell-off accelerated, the gold stocks suddenly held their ground and, even better, quickly reversed into one heckuva spirited rally.

The rally came from a critical support area near the 170 level on the NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index of gold stocks.

Let me show you why that matters - a great deal. Then, I'll do us all one (or four) better and show you how to cash in on this promising setup...