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3 "Cheap" Biotech Stocks to Buy Now for Gains as High as 180%

Tag Page Excerpt: These cheap biotech stocks to buy could gain as much as 180% in the next 12 months.

Their rapid stock price gains are largely due to the new drugs these companies are releasing.

And the pipeline prospects of these companies are huge, with over 50 new treatments in clinical trials...


If You Own Just One Pharma Stock, Make It This

As I've said before, buying a drugmaker with true billion-dollar "blockbuster" potential is like grabbing a license to print money.

Of course, it's always at least possible to grab these shares on their way up, but that's a little like fixing the barn door after the horses have bolted.

For the biggest possible pharma profits, investors have to look ahead into the firm's "pipeline," its arsenal of yet-to-be-released drugs that's critical to keeping a drug company competitive in the long term.

Today, I've got the perfect "Buy" recommendation for a company that's doing just that...