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The Hidden Collapse Behind the Banking Crisis

The market would have you believe everything is fine with the banking sector. JP Morgan (JPM), the largest bank in America is up 14% this year, double the gains on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But behind the scenes, cracks are forming that threaten the entire industry and more. It started in March when Silicon […]

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Buy This Stock Before America’s Diesel Shortage Becomes a Diesel Crisis

There’s no mystery behind the energy sector’s strength right now: Diesel supply is at decade lows, with East Coast supplies dwindling to “code red” levels for the first time in years.Gasoline prices, on average, are up 10% nationwide from a year ago, despite the drawdowns from the U.S.Strategic Petroleum Reserve.And, thanks to Vladimir Putin’s continuing aggression in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia are getting even more strict.

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The Best Trades to Profit on the Oil and Gas Recovery

The term “supercycle” – an extended, mega-bullish run that can take years to run its course – has been making a lot of headlines lately, particularly when it comes to crude oil.

And whether you’ve been through a supercycle before or it’s your very first time, Andrew’s going to walk you through everything, make his predictions, and, best of all, name some stocks to buy and trade to cash in on what’s coming….



How to Profit from the "American Rescue Plan"

The Wall Street saying, “The trend is your friend” rings pretty true.

Indeed, when D.C.

sets trends – multibillion-dollar ones, to be exact – you better follow along or risk missing the boat.

That’s because policies move markets, and Shah’s seeing the smart money already on the move ahead of the administration’s $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan.” Today, he’ll show you a couple of ways to make sure you’re on the winning side… .



Buy This Green Energy Stock Before It Gets to $35

Green energy is ripe with targets.

The sector has had a rough few weeks as investors rotated from "pandemic" mode into "recovery" mode.

But with renewable energy, over the long run, government policy priorities and simple economic reality are incredibly bullish for this sector.

And Chris has just the profitable play for you in this space…



Don't Miss This "Triple Play" Opportunity to Profit from Oil's Rebound

There's a lot of speculation over what the novel coronavirus panic will do to stocks.

That's why we've covered the best actions to take now, and we'll continue uncovering profit opportunities in these areas.

But more importantly, a huge cash cow has been revealed somewhere else.

You see, while the price of oil is down 24% in just the last month, demand isn't going away.

In fact, it'll increase this year.

I'm going to show you exactly how to do that today, with the three best ways you can play oil's rebound...