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This Stock Could Top 116% Gains in 2021

The GameStop saga might be coming to an end soon – shares have fallen as low as $81 as of midday Tuesday.

Let's be clear: The tech trend underlying this remarkable story isn't over by a long shot. There's much more disruption to come.

I'm talking about financial technology – "fintech."

Fintech is what's enabled the exponential, rapid growth of mobile investing and trading apps like Robinhood, which has in turn opened up the capital markets to more than 12 million new investors over the course of the pandemic.

Fintech is about much more than trading; it's about much more than payments.

It's changing how people invest, shop, save, pay – how people deal with money, period. Fintech "touches" around 5% of global e-commerce sales (excluding China). That sounds miniscule, at first, but we're talking big bucks here – around $166 billion and counting.

One company I know of leveraged this the smart way to grow its share price by triple digits last year, and I think 2021 could be even bigger… Full Story

One company I know of leveraged this the smart way to grow its share price by triple digits last year, and I think 2021 could be even bigger...

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How I’m Trading XRT This Coming Week

Like just about everything else this year, Black Friday, today, is shaping up to look mighty different. Lots of retailers are coming forward to announce their annual "game plan," but some outfits just plain didn't open up on Thanksgiving yesterday.

Plenty of retailers – Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond – jump to mind.

Now, some companies said they did it for safety reasons; the coronavirus pandemic is as bad as it's ever been in many places, making packed aisles a dicey proposition. Other retailers say they were rewarding employees that have had to go "above and beyond" over the past year.

The "traditional" ways traders have cashed in on Black Friday in the past aren't necessarily going to work here in 2020.

Here's what to do… Full Story

Here's what to do...


Next Stop for Amazon (AMZN) Stock: $3,000 a Share

The coronavirus panic has most of the economy in a deep freeze.

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are getting hammered.

The food-supply-chain is under pressure.

Unemployment is rising.

And all the signs suggest that the U.S. economy is headed for a recession.

With the opportunity matrix changing for investors, the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming one heavyweight into an absolute juggernaut.

We're talking about Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), which has become the essential retailing icon of the pandemic.

In fact, our Michael Robinson is predicting that we'll eventually see Amazon at $3,000 a share as a result of the market.

And the stock will move even higher from there.

Here's why...

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What You Didn't Hear About Black Friday Could Cost You Big Profits

Thanksgiving in the Barton house is all about gratitude. We're thankful for such a wide range of blessings – time with family and friends, delicious food, and yes, even a little football.

But once Thanksgiving is over, aside from a glance or two at a smartphone or laptop, no one even considers venturing out into Black Friday.

As one of only two states east of the Mississippi that doesn't have sales tax (New Hampshire is the other), Delaware malls and stores in general get overrun on big shopping days. The Bartons avoid that fray – but thousands of others jump right in…

As do millions more all around the country.

Americans spent $4.2 billion at online sales alone on Thanksgiving Day, and another $7.4 billion on Black Friday.

That second number alone is up 19.6% from last year's Black Friday.

I certainly can't fault the retailers for putting on those sales.

For them, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the weekend after can make or break their whole year.

The five days from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday are the highpoint of the holiday shopping months of November and December.

And just those two months make up between 20% and 30% of annual sales for American retailers.

So with Cyber Monday now behind us, you'd think the news would tell you which retailers did well, which didn't, and most importantly, what you should do about it.



Make Sure This Stock Is Nowhere Near Your Portfolio – Buy This Instead

Over the many years I have been analyzing the markets, there is a simple formula for finding stocks that have the potential to double in value or more.

The core of that formula can be found in the Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system.

Not only does the VQScore system alert us when a stock is undervalued and poised to break out, it also tell us when stocks have become severely overvalued and are due for a pullback.

Today, we have one of each...