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Brace for More Fear and Panic on Wall Street as Markets Tumble

Monday's stock market declines weren't unexpected, though the extent of losses was shocking.

Investors had been selling stocks for the previous two weeks on coronavirus fears, starting immediately after U.S. benchmark indexes made record highs on Feb. 12, 2020.

A "dead cat bounce" last week didn't fool seasoned traders, who saw huge inflows into U.S. Treasuries last week as a warning sign there was more equity selling to come.

As COVID-19 hotspots cropped up across the globe and infections rose along with fatalities in U.S. cities and states over the weekend, right on cue, sell orders flooded brokerages before markets even opened Monday morning.

So many sell orders in fact, markets couldn't open. Instantaneous and extraordinary selling knocked stocks "down limit," or 7%, at the open, triggering a "circuit breaker" halt to trading for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, exchanges let stocks trade again, and they fell another 1% before buyers, probably computer-driven algorithms, started buying beaten-down names like Microsoft and Amazon.

But buying volume was thin all day, and sellers more often overwhelmed attempts to lift stocks higher.

Stocks closed 144 points off their session lows of 2,158, ending down 2,013.76 points to 23,851.02. That's a 7.79% drop in one day and a 19.3% drop since Feb. 12.

Most evident in yesterday's carnage were the market's worst enemies: fear and panic. That tells me something about what I'm watching today… Full Story

Most evident in yesterday's carnage were the market's worst enemies: fear and panic. That tells me something about what I'm watching today...

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Dow Jones Today Jumps as White House Walks Back Aggressive Trade Rhetoric

The Dow Jones today opened higher as Wall Street's concerns about a trade war between the United States and China subsided.

In a significant development over the weekend, President Donald Trump offered a major concession to Chinese President Xi Jinping to help improve trade relations.



Here's the Best Oil Stock to Buy as North American Oil Production Booms

Earlier this year, the United States began producing over 10 million barrels of oil a day – the greatest level of production since 1970.

Meanwhile, Canadian oil companies are on track to finish in the black for the first time in three years thanks to growing international demand.

With North American oil production hitting record highs for the first time in decades, we're bringing you the best oil stock to buy in order take advantage of this booming industry...


Tar Sands in Canada Are on the Verge of an Explosive Comeback

Energy investors wrote off Canada's tar sands after oil prices plummeted 50% since 2014.

But that's a mistake, because this oil sands company has found a way to make a profit from the 300 billion barrels of oil there thanks to this tech breakthrough.

Here's the Canadian oil sands stock set for 70% gains this year...


This Canadian Oil Sands Stock Could Soar Thanks to a Revolutionary Breakthrough

Both companies and investors have fled the tar sands in Canada since oil prices plunged 50% between 2014 and 2016.

But this Canadian oil sands stock is primed for major gains now that this company has discovered a revolutionary new way to extract oil there.

And there's still plenty of time to get in on this stock early before it explodes...


The Best Way to Invest in Oil for Huge Profits in 2017

Crude oil prices have rallied 11% since OPEC agreed to slash oil output in November.

And with prices heading even higher in 2017, people are looking for the best way to invest in oil.

That's why we are going to show you how to cut through the noise and make oil investing profitable...

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Stock Market News Today: Dow Dips as Trump Election Rally Hits Standstill

The stock market news today is the Dow falling in premarket hours as investors weigh the stability of the post-election rally.

Markets are also looking for additional clues into the timing of the next interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve and OPEC's plans to cut additional oil output in the months ahead.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar.