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The Truth About Dow 21,000

When the Dow broke 21,000 last week, the financial news networks erupted in celebration – so much so you'd think every investor and trader just hit the stock market lottery.

Not quite…

While it's true that the Dow's second historical achievement this year certainly deserved some applause, the boisterous fanfare we were subjected to on TV was more than overkill.

In fact, there's one thing the pundits forgot to tell you in all their excitement…

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The One Sector That Hasn't Been Fooled by "Dow 20,000 Fever"

The One Sector That Hasn't Been Fooled By "Dow 20,000 Fever"

by Michael E. Lewitt

The financial media is nothing if not predictable. Barron's didn't even wait for the ink to dry on the Dow Jones Industrial Average's 20,000 print before declaring in a new cover story: "Next Stop Dow 30,000." Barron's argument is that "[t]he Dow hitting 20,000 was no fluke. Today's stock prices are well supported by corporate earnings and economic growth. In fact, if President Trump can avoid stumbling into a trade war – or a real war – the Dow could surpass 30,000 by the year 2025."