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The Best Robinhood Options Trade Today Could Pop 100% Higher

Stocks just had their best quarter since 1987, but the market's volatility is likely to remain high.

Uncertainty still prevails as some states see reductions in new COVID-19 cases while others see new infections soar.

The good news is that there's a way to profit this uncertainty using options.

And today we're showing you an options trade easy enough to do on a commission-free platform like Robinhood or WeBull.

This trade could double by summer's end...

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An Option Trade to Double Your Money in the “Safe Haven” Gold Market

As the Fed continues cutting stimulus checks, the proverbial Band-Aid of economic relief, gold stocks are on the rise…

And chief among them, a prime trading opportunity is beginning to shine…

It's already flashed multiple positive trading signals, and according to pro-trader Chris Johnson, this only the beginning of profit potential here.

Check out the full trade details in this, the latest from Fast Profits with Money Morning...


My Favorite Way to Play Gold's 20% Upside Potential

Gold is trading higher by about 15% year-to-date; a global pandemic and widespread economic destruction will tend to drive investors toward the safe havens.

And with no end date on COVID-19 and the increasing likelihood of a lurch down to March lows, there's plenty of headroom for more gold gains.

And that makes right now the perfect time to make this smart move.

For the past month or so, gold has been trading around $1,700 and $1,775.

In fact, our Chris Johnson believes $1,700 is a technical floor, or a "launch pad" from which gold can rocket higher – 15% or even 20% from here.

So yes, this is the right time to own gold.

But you don't have to be content with those profits alone.

Make sure you're holding these gold shares before gold moves another cent higher...

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The Best Penny Stock on Robinhood Offers 500% Upside

Robinhood's introduction of no-fee trading revolutionized the digital brokerage industry.

That's been great for consumers.

But penny stock investors have been left out in the cold.

Robinhood doesn't let you trade stocks listed on certain over the counter exchanges, like the Pink Sheets, leaving thousands of penny stocks off the table.

But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of excellent penny stocks to buy on Robinhood.

And this one has 500% upside in 2020...