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Trading Strategies

There's an Options Strategy for Every Investor Out There

Buy-and-hold investors are in deep, dark water right now, and there's no telling what's down there.

They've either just taken heavy losses, or they've been knocked right out of hard-won positions it may have taken years to build.

Maybe the Bull Run resumes this week… or maybe the bears take over for a while.

The thing is, it doesn't have to matter all that much.

Buy-and-hold investing has its place, particularly with must-own companies.

But trading gives you supreme flexibility in your moneymaking endeavors; whether shares are going up or down, you can nab profits.

You don't have to have a huge risk appetite, either; there are some very conservative strategies available that can be just as successful.

So today, we're giving you a chance to get familiar with some of the strategies – and some of the smartest people recommending them right now:

Our experts.

They'll show you how they make their research recommendations for their subscribers, and how profitable those can be.

You'll get the chance to join them, too.

So, let's turn this over to four of our top trading experts so you can hear from them directly...


Here's the Best Banking Stock to Buy Today

Over the last six months, bank stocks have fallen an average of 10% as stock market volatility has repeatedly damaged investor confidence.

In the beginning of the year, many investors believed that new tax-reform policies and rising interest rates would drive bank stocks to new highs this year.

However, worrisome trends in global trade have prevented the financial sector from meeting expectations.

However, this is no longer the case.

Trading Strategies

Get Rich Quick? No – Get Rich Slowly… and Stay That Way

I'm always hearing stories of folks who hit it big overnight in the stock market.

They sound great, but the problem is most of them are… just stories. I've been in the markets for decades now. I spent more than 20 years as a broker, and I'm fortunate enough to have friends and associates that are among the very best traders and investors on the planet.

I've seen firsthand what happens to the people who swing for the fences every at-bat. Sure, they might hit occasionally, but when they do, it's not skill – or superior knowledge.

Most of the time… It's just luck. Even worse, most of the time that stroke of good luck is just a harbinger of really bad, bad things just around the corner.

Take this former client of mine who made a small but enviable fortune during the dot-com boom...


When This Stock Triples Your Money, Thank... Congress?

When Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Reform Act earlier this year, a lot of skeptics thought it was like lighting the fuse for the next big blowup.

Look, I understand where the skeptics are coming from. Given enough rope, bankers will inevitably hang themselves in search of an extra percentage point of return. Which would be fine, if their stunts weren't a mortal financial danger to the rest of us, too.

But I'll show you that just isn't the case. The new law didn't leave them anywhere near enough rope.

There is no one on the planet who keeps a closer eye on bankers than I do. After all, I have a lot of my own money – and, more importantly, my wife's "I will kill you in your sleep if you lose my money" IRA account – invested in bank stocks.

If I thought for a second that the Dodd-Frank Reform Act would hurt the banking sector, I'd run for the hills.

But it isn't, and knowing how it works could be hugely profitable for you. In fact, I've already found a banking stock primed to surge now that the new law is in place...