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Top 3 Penny Stocks to Watch Right Now

Penny stocks are a great opportunity for investors seeking strong returns without having to empty the bank.

That's why we're giving you our picks for our three top penny stocks to watch.

You see, buying penny stocks gives investors the chance to control a large amount of shares with very little investment.

This gives investors with limited capital the opportunity to gain greater exposure to stocks with strong growth potential.

The key phrase here is "strong growth potential."

Many penny stocks are dangerous investments that have little inherent value.

In order to maintain healthy investments, it's important to find companies that will generate growth and returns for your portfolio.


The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in April 2018

Penny stocks are a great opportunity for investors who want to pursue gains without having to invest large amounts of capital.

That's why the Money Morning team is bringing you the top three penny stocks to watch in April 2018.

It's important to note that while penny stocks can provide investors with significant gains, they are also inherently risky.

In fact, while there are a few penny stocks that have tremendous growth potentials, many of them poise a significant investment risk to the retail investor...


The 3 Best Silver Junior Mining Stocks to Buy in 2018

Today, we're bringing readers the three best junior mining silver stocks to buy in 2018, which all have massive upside.

During the last precious metals rally, starting in early 2016 through mid-year, silver gained 46%. However, the Global X Silver Miners ETF gained 231%. And the ETFMG Prime Junior Silver ETF gained a whopping 344%.

Here are the three picks and the huge upside they are all presenting...


80% Gains Are Just the Start for This Silver "Triple Play"

Silver is a wonder material – for sheer versatility, there's no competition in the precious metals.

They may call it the "poor man's gold," but it's critical to industry and beyond.

As the metal with the highest conductivity, silver has become indispensable to electronics and high-tech energy. Silver paste is used in 90% of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, the most common type of solar panels.

Everyday applications need more and more of the precious white metal, as it's now commonly found in water purification, solar panel production, and anti-bacterial applications, to name but a few. 

Constant innovation is providing an unending source of ways to use silver, meaning its potential demand is immense.

Meanwhile, silver supply may have just peaked while all of this was happening. 

So today, I'll show you why it's good for more than just coins and bullion. Then, most importantly, I'll show you my favorite play in the space that's going to have early movers sitting pretty...


10 Cheap Silver Stocks Under $10

Here's a list of 10 cheap silver stocks under $10 trading on the U.S. stock market today… Company (Ticker) Share Price Year-to-Date Return (as of March 1) First Majestic Silver Corp. (NYSE: AG) $8.80 +15.6% Tahoe Resources Inc. (NYSE: TAHO) $8.63 -8.6% Coeur Mining Inc. (NYSE: CDE) $8.29 -8.9% Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (NYSE: FSM) […]

Here's our list...