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The Best Way to Play the Booming IPO Market

On Saturday, maybe you're planning to go for a run, watch some cartoons, or make your family a nice breakfast.

For me, I'll be up bright and early, as I am each Saturday, looking for more profit opportunities for you in the tech world. And this Saturday in particular, I'll be checking out the latest initial public offerings.

It's rare that I don't start working by 7:15 a.m. on Saturdays. It's a great time to look at tech trends and screen a host of stocks when there's no noise from the market.

And every Saturday, I try to update my list of new tech stocks.

After spending 34 years in Silicon Valley and serving as a strategic consultant to a dozen startups, tracking IPOs comes naturally to me.

I want to see if any of my "babies" have graduated.

So, I get the names of newly public tech and life sciences stocks and put them on my post-IPO tracking screen. On Saturday, July 7, alone, I had to input 28 new stocks into my online database.

I didn't spend much time doing that in 2017, which was a weak year for IPOs.

But this year, the IPO market is on fire… and my Saturday mornings are busier.

Led by the successful IPOs of tech firms like Dropbox Inc. (Nasdaq: DBX) in March, and Spotify Technology SA (Nasdaq: SPOT) in April, tech IPOs are up 92% from last year, according to a report in TechCrunch.

This turn of events is crucial for technology investors like us.

Today I'll show you why that is - and I'll show you the best way to play this hot, hot, hot trend...


This Bitcoin Exchange Makes Some Moves... IPO Moves

Even if you've been trading cryptocurrencies and studying blockchain technology for years, you may not have heard of David Marcus until just recently.

However, when the history of this still brand-new industry is written, he's going to go down as one of the more important behind-the-scenes power brokers.

Last month, you see, Marcus was promoted at Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) to head the social networking giant's "experimental" blockchain unit.

There's more going on here than just a nice promotion in a hot new field. Facebook's move comes several months after Marcus joined the board of directors at Coinbase, an online exchange I've used for many years.

I'm sure many of you use Coinbase as well.

The number of Coinbase users jumped exponentially throughout 2017 – from 400,000 in January to 4.3 million in December.

Marcus joined the board in that busy December – when Bitcoin and other e-currencies were reaching their all-time highs. Not so coincidentally, shortly after that, Coinbase started an acquisition spree, pulling off four so far, and began reaching out to big-money institutional investors.

To me, while from the outside Coinbase may look like a new form of company, it's really a classic Silicon Valley startup.

And this post-Marcus series of moves tells me Coinbase is looking to go public.

Today, I'm going to show why these moves are so important for the future of crypto trading.

And I'll how you can get involved - before Coinbase makes its IPO move...


You Can Lose Your Shirt on the Spotify IPO, or Do This Instead

If you're thinking of investing in Spotify Technology SA (NYSE: SPOT) at the launch of its initial public offering or soon thereafter, I have two words for you…

Think again.

And here's two more…

Stay away.

Yes, Spotify has roughly 75 million registered users around the world. Yes, private markets have valued Spotify as high as $26.5 billion. And yes, Spotify's "direct listing" is an interesting experiment in stock market "democratization."

But here's the thing. As I've told you time and again, IPO investing is extremely risky for Main Street investors – and that direct listing could make Spotify's IPO even more dangerous than usual.

Plus, there's a tech player out there that is relatively new to music streaming – but that is set to eat Spotify's lunch. At the very least, this new music streamer will eat into Spotify profit margins and blunt its sales growth.

Consider that, as of February, this company's streaming service counted 36 million users. Barely a month later, that figure had climbed to 38 million.

That's a pace that should put would-be Spotify investors on notice. After all, Spotify launched in 2008, and the streamer I have in mind is less than three years old.

The music streaming sector is one we want to be in. Global Industry Analysts Inc. says it will have global sales of $9.7 billion by 2022. For its part, Goldman Sachs has predicted the streaming music market will increase to $28 billion per year by 2030.

That's why I want to show you the company set to dominate this market (and many other markets, too)...


The Saudi Aramco Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About the World's Largest IPO

We've been talking about Saudi Arabia's plan to roll out the single-largest IPO in history for some time now.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the Saudi IPO is going to create an onslaught of profit plays for years to come after the actual listing.

Think about it.

$2 trillion could soon be hitting the global energy markets. This could be the biggest wave of capital to hit at one time in history.

Earth-shaking events like these are the reason why more millionaires and billionaires are created overnight in the energy markets than in any other sector.

That's also why I want to take a few minutes today to tell you everything you need to know about Saudi Aramco, including how much it's really worth, where it will be listed, and how you can profit from it.

And we'll start with how Saudi Aramco came to be the biggest oil company in the world...


How to Play 2018's First Big Tech IPO

Dropbox will "price" its Initial Public Offering – IPO for short – on Thursday and begin trading Friday if all goes according to plan. Reports are that the offering is "oversubscribed" – a Wall Street-speak term meaning that they're hard to get – and that there's a lot of "demand" for shares.

So why is it you shouldn't touch 'em with a ten-foot pole?

Because Dropbox is going to be another company in a long line of "oversubscribed," "in-demand" public offerings that isn't worth the paper its stock certificates are printed on.


Newly minted tech companies are a dime a dozen.

And they have no place in an investor's portfolio until after they've proven themselves with a quarter or two of numbers as a public company - here's why...


How the World's Largest IPO Will Change Everything

In about a year, Saudi Arabia is going to unleash the largest IPO in the world – ultimately transforming the entire energy investing landscape.

Make no mistake, the sale of a 5% position in oil giant Aramco will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

That's why, as the market moves toward this historic placement, it is something we're going to continue to follow closely here.

Starting today.

With the countdown clock to the deadline starting to wind down, today I'm going to sketch out everything my sources are telling me about this colossal IPO.

And then I'll show you how we're going to play it.

But first, you need to understand what this IPO means...

Trading Strategies

Why You Should Stay Away from Snap's IPO

Snap. Inc goes public tomorrow, and millions of investors are waiting with baited breath to buy shares of what could be one of the biggest technology related IPOs in several years with a valuation that could hit $30 or even $40 billion.

Seems everyone wants a piece of that $30 or even $40 billion valuation.

Only problem is, companies like Snap are called "unicorns" for a reason – they're fantasy.

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