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The "5G Revolution" Can't Happen Without This Company

Pentagon watchers like me lit up when, last month, the Department of Defense asked for firms to help with a new approach that would blend military and civilian capabilities for the new, ultra-fast broadband cellular communications system.

This is a very big deal: The Pentagon would allow private companies to build up their 5G capacity using parts of the wireless spectrum hitherto reserved for the military.

That means companies would be allowed to access the system without the need to invest billions bidding for wireless licenses at auction.

The practical effect would be wider, faster adoption of the next-gen network by cars, factories, hospitals, offices – you name it.

And bear in mind, this is happening after the President signed a pair of bills designed to boost and secure 5G networks nationwide.

That new legislation, and the Pentagon's willingness to "open the door" on its corner of the broadband spectrum, are like rocket fuel for this new, high-profit technology.

All that is pointing us at one backend play that's set to double its earnings in less than 2.5 years… Full Story

All that is pointing us at one backend play that's set to double its earnings in less than 2.5 years...


Play These Three Tech Sectors for the Most Upside in the New Year

I've been writing about 5G high-speed cellular networks for more than five years now, and I couldn't be more excited for what's ahead in 2020.

Sure, 2019 saw a fair amount of progress in rolling out this advanced new platform. The nextgen mobile network is available in a few markets.

But we have a big catalyst coming in fall 2020. That's when Apple unveils a new iPhone that's 5G native.

Don't underestimate the importance of this move. Apple sets the standard for the rest of the sector.

5G will be important for the entire tech ecosystem in the year ahead, and it's just one major catalyst investors should track. There are key developments with chip stocks, beaten-down software, and cloud players that all matter to your portfolio.

That's why today, I'm going to show you how you can profit from all three of these exciting growth sectors in the upcoming year...