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3 Surprise Stocks Amazon Could Put Out of Business

It's not much of an exaggeration to say that everyone knows that Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is a true juggernaut.

From its humble beginnings as an online bookseller, it now commands a retail, cloud, logistics and content empire that many say single-handedly put shopping malls out of business.

That means Amazon isn't just one of the biggest companies in the world, it's also its biggest disrupter.

Legacy companies trying to compete with Amazon are living on borrowed time.

Here are three that are already at risk...


How to "Get a Cut" from Carl Icahn's Big Auto Bet

The media heads over at the financial news networks have been talking a lot about billionaire investor Carl Icahn and how he missed out on $4 billion from selling his Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) shares two years ago.

What they're not talking about is the huge bet he recently made…

You see, Icahn is betting big on auto repair shops. In fact, he's planning on acquiring thousands of them.

But whether he's right or wrong, you can still get a "cut."

Here's how...