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Dow Jones Climbs Ahead of FOMC Meeting

The Dow Jones could soar again today as the Federal Reserve meets to discuss monetary policy.

The central bank has been notably dovish in its handling of the ongoing pandemic.

Concerns are again emerging that the oil futures contract could go negative before expiration.

This morning, WTI crude is off 12%, while Brent crude is flat around $20.00 per barrel.

Read on for more detail and other events moving the Dow today.



Why I'm Watching This Cannabis-Tech Firm

We talk a lot about the dominating position enjoyed by the largest producers of cannabis; that quality will get more, not less, important going forward.

But in a sector like marijuana, the niches (the needs that the biggest players can't or won't address) will be critically important… and – make no mistake – very lucrative.

One of the most important niches will be specialized cannabis growing equipment. This is important to several groups of consumers.

There are medical patients, for instance, who might have difficulty making it to a dispensary, or recreational enthusiasts keen on growing their own supply for the satisfaction of knowing exactly what's in the final product.

This is a rapidly growing niche, and if you've been a Money Morning Member for a while, you've had the chance to reap double-digit gains already.

Well, this segment and its profits are going to get even bigger…


This Earnings Season’s Winners Could Put Money in Your Pocket for Years to Come

Well, believe it or not, Q2 earnings season is upon us – and it’s widely expected to be a downer.

With the average decline in earnings coming in around 2.6%, it’ll be the second straight quarter of declines year over year.

By comparison, the average estimated earnings decline was just 0.5%, so this is potentially a big deal.

But not to worry, because Keith’s going to show you how to capture all the upside…


Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stock Just Hit Our Buy Zone

He's the most famous investor in the world. He's the Oracle of Omaha, the world's second richest man.

And one of his most favored stocks is ready for takeoff again.

This company makes one of Buffett's favorite products – one you can regularly find on his desk at all hours of the day.

And it has a big year ahead, expanding into new product territory after a key acquisition.

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