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3 Top Tech SPACs to Watch

This will be the year of the SPAC.

But not all SPACs are worth buying.

With over 200 blank-check companies reaching public markets in 2020 it pays to be selective.

Some SPAC mergers have been big let downs for investors.

But the most successful SPACs have had one thing in common: excellent management.

As a technology investor, I have been watching many of these companies form and I've been digging into the management behind each and every one of them to share with you what is on the horizon.

There are the three best SPACs to watch right now...


What to Do About the Red-Hot Airbnb IPO Today

While there have been a number of successful IPOs this year, there's currently a lot of froth in the IPO market, like yesterday's DoorDash debut that Shah thinks is super overpriced.

And when investors are overly giddy, they often end up getting burned.

And that brings us to this morning's Airbnb IPO debut.

Here's what to do…



The 2 Best Value Stocks to Buy for 2021

Unlike many sectors, banks did not rally back to new highs when the Fed and Congress stepped up with stimulus programs to support the economy.

Investors were afraid of what would happen when people could not pay their bills and began to default on credit cards, car loans, and even mortgages.

That has not happened.

Although banks have had to work with some borrowers to restructure their loans and defer some payments, disaster never struck.

Banks entered 2020 with more capital than ever before, and loan portfolios were in pristine condition.

Most banks would have survived the worst the pandemic could have thrown at them.

With a vaccine close at hand, banks are poised to thrive once again. Here are my two best value stocks to buy now...


Here’s the Only Smart Way to Play the Airbnb IPO

It's been a record-setting summer for IPOs. Vroom Inc., Lemonade Inc., and BigCommerce Holdings Inc. all soared on their initial public offering debuts.

Then came the record-setter, Snowflake Inc. – the largest U.S. software IPO and the biggest company ever to double in value on its opening day.

So this profit-rich, success-soaked moment is opportune for Airbnb, the vacation-rental "unicorn" that's a heavy favorite to go public by the end of 2020.

Good thing, too (for Airbnb). The company's had a rough year, to put it mildly. The company slashed headcount by a quarter back in May, and, as The Wall Street Journal reported, saw its valuation plummet from $31 billion to $18 billion – a rare occurrence for such a celebrated private firm.

So investors are feeling bullish about this company once again, including yours truly – I do think this is going to be a good long-term investment.

Still, this may not be a slam-dunk IPO á la Zoom.

It would be a pricey mistake to rush out and grab the first shares that hit the market. Grab them at the wrong time – the wrong price – and you could be looking at a long, long trip back to the "plus" side of the ledger.

This is going to take some strategizing, like so… Full Story

This is going to take some strategizing, like so...


Here's Why Palantir Stock Is a Buy After the IPO

Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) stock is expected to hit the market this week.

Analysts are predicting a $22 billion valuation.

The company has decided to go with a direct listing to avoid much of the prolonged scrutiny that comes with a regular IPO.

This raises questions for many investors.

But this is also one of the most exciting IPOs of the year for good reason.

Today, we're going to talk about whether Palantir stock is a buy or not.

You might be surprised what you find...


Here's Whether Bentley Systems Stock Is a Buy

Another promising software company just went public today (Sept.


The Bentley Systems stock price jumped 41% after its IPO.

Bentley Systems shares climbed as high as $31 from its pre-IPO range of $19-21 per share.

That range was already an upgrade from yesterday's $17-19 per share.

The company raised $236.5 million with its IPO.

Today, we're going to talk about what makes Bentley Systems unique, and whether it's a buy or not moving forward.


Trading Strategies

How to Play Snowflake Stock Now

The Snowflake IPO certainly had an impressive run, and its stock more than doubled at its debut, leaving it with a value of around $70 billion.

Though the stock did dip a little on Thursday (it did climb back up mid-Friday), it hasn’t stopped a small group of insiders and pre-IPO investors from boosting their net worth.

But here’s how regular investors should play it….