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Watch This California Marijuana Stock Ahead of a $5 Billion Statewide Windfall

We have one California marijuana stock you need to watch right now.

That's because dispensaries should be able to sell recreational marijuana in January 2018, and it's expected to create a $5 billion statewide windfall.

But it won't just be dispensaries that net huge profits. Here's what investors need to know about this profit opportunity...

Marijuana Industry

3 Top Marijuana Stocks to Watch in October 2017

For our readers, we have three marijuana stocks to watch in October.

You see, there were some business deals and catalysts that could make these stock prices move.

And because of the massive profit potential from investing in the marijuana industry, we had to make sure these three marijuana penny stocks are on your radar right now...

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10 Marijuana Stocks to Watch with Gains as High as 114.3% in July 2017

Our list of top marijuana stocks to watch includes companies with gains as high as 114.3%.

But we don't advise buying any of these cannabis stocks on our list.

We have a better profit opportunity for you - one in which you can cash in on Canada's upcoming legalization...


2 Marijuana Stocks to Watch After California Becomes a Sanctuary State for Cannabis Users

There are two marijuana stocks that could benefit from a new bill introduced in California.

This bill would provide extra protection to cannabis users and businesses.

In fact, some are now calling California a "sanctuary state" for pot. Here's how you can profit...