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This Market Is "Going Vertical" – And so Are These Stocks

In our Aug. 6 Private Briefing report, "It’s the Biggest and the Fastest Growing – Here’s How to Profit," we updated our bullishness on China‘s e-commerce market and gave you two ways to ride along.

We had a lot of confidence in both recommendations. But I have to be honest with you: Even I didn’t expect the stocks would soar like they have in the two seeks since.


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  • The Only "Crash Talk" Worth Trading

    You've no doubt heard the "crash talk" intensifying after two triple-digit down days. But after reviewing more than 100 commentaries, there are exactly two and a half I take seriously.

    The one we'll start with can not only help you now – as in today. It can also give you a permanent edge, because most people will never know how it works.

    That's a shame.

    The indicator you're about to see has predicted every major market inflection point since 1985.

    And that's why I need to show you its current "readings" while there's something you can do about it all. We'll look at four moves, in fact. Taking an initial stake in the shares below – or adding to your position – is just one of them…

    First, here's the indicator that can give you as much as a 30-day "heads up"…

  • Don't Blame Wal-Mart (WMT) and Cisco (CSCO) Slumps On Emerging Markets

    Cisco stock (Nasdaq: CSCO) plunged 7.17% today, and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) stock 2.6%, after disappointing earnings reports drove investors to sell.

    Cisco announced plans to cut 4,000 more jobs (5% of its global workforce); the sales forecast for the quarter came in surprisingly low.

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  • Stock Market Today: 5 Reasons Why the Dow Fell 225 Points

    The stock market today killed the idea of "turnaround Thursdays"…

    The Dow fell 225.39 points Thursday, one day after the benchmark fell 113 points, its first triple-digit decline since June 28. With Thursday's drop, the Dow hit its first back-to-back triple-digit decline since June 19-20, when it plummeted nearly 560 points over the two days.

    June's rout was spurred by comments from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) following its June meeting. At the time, the central bank said it would taper QE this year should the economy and job market continue to improve.

    The current swoon, however, stems from way more than the Fed…

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  • These Income Stocks are High Growth in Disguise

    Classifying MLPs as "income" stocks is a big mistake. It's a costly one too…especially if it's growth you're after.

    Yes, the partnerships toss off tons of cash. The high-net worth folks I work with can achieve, for example, $350,000 in cash payouts from investing $5 million in an MLP yielding 7%.

    But they're more like growth stocks in disguise…

    Remember, the high income is merely a function of the MLP structure. They're set up in a "pass-through" structure. This means that up to 90% or more of the distributions you receive from an MLP will be considered a return of capital, not income, by the IRS. You don't pay taxes immediately on this portion of the distribution.

    But these big cash payouts are driven by growth. A lot of it.

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  • These Dividend-Paying Stocks Deliver Yield and Growth

    When you think of growth profit plays you do not ordinarily think they could also make for solid dividend-paying stocks as well.

    Growth stocks are high-flying market darlings with some exciting new product or service that is driving spectacular earnings growth.

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  • Stock Market News Today Why We Predicted This 10% Gainer Would Soar

    Stock market news today focuses on winners and losers in the tech and consumer spaces, as well as how the S&P 500 will come off of its largest weekly decline since June.

    Last week was tough for stocks since this year has been filled with rallies. Stocks fell as investors tried to understand the timing of the Fed's tapering of its bond-buying program.

    Surprisingly, the market still seems very sensitive to any news on the Fed cutbacks.

    This week, the market may continue to react to any news from the Fed, although other economic indicators are likely to be in the foreground of investors' minds.

    Stock market news today starts with Japan, which we learned saw gross domestic product rise 2.6% at an annualized pace from April to June – well short of the 3.6% growth economists expected. The Nikkei was down more than 5% last week and is down another roughly 1% this morning.

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  • European Stock Market Looks Stronger – But Don't Be Fooled

    A few economic reports over the past two weeks have fueled optimism that a Eurozone recovery will trigger bullish performance in the European stock market.

    The German Economy Ministry released a report on Friday saying that economic activity has increased notably in Q2, supported by both private consumption and investment in building construction.

    Last week, the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) report for July, which surveys around 3,000 firms, came out to 50.3 points, up from an initial estimate of 50.1 points. This marks the first time Eurozone manufacturing was above a 50-point boom-or-bust trajectory since July 2011. The PMI also showed that production was up for the first time since February 2012, and that job losses are being staved off.

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  • The Best New Companies In a White-Hot Sector

    Each of the companies you'll see today is just a few weeks old. That's why you need to know about them right now.

    You see, the market for all biotech shares is heating up.

    IPO action is proof of the big bucks coming into biotech, igniting a strong rally in the entire sector for the rest of the year. So far this year, we've seen the most biotech IPOs in 13 years.

    And the gains are beginning to add up…

    The best-performing stock in this space, as you're about to see, is up 130% in little more than a month. And three other brand-new firms are roaring.

    But there's a better way to make money here…

    Biotech IPOs are Soaring in Only a Matter of Days

    I'm astounded by the success of biotech IPOs that have been rolling into the markets in recent weeks. These companies are teaming up with bigger pharma companies, which guarantees the capital and distribution heft for their new innovative drugs.

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  • The IPO Market Is Back Big-Time

    As we move deeper into the second half of the year, we're seeing a robust IPO market that has been able to shake off 2012's Facebook IPO shame.

    So far this year there have been 116 debut offerings, the strongest pace since 2007.

    As Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon explained earlier this week in his Private Briefing investment service column, the IPO market in 2013 is "white hot."

    From Bill's analysis: The market has locked and loaded on about $4 billion in U.S. IPOs so far this year, Bloomberg News reports. At that pace, companies "going public" would raise the most this year since at least 1999, the financial news service says.

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  • I Just Uncovered Some Shocking Numbers About China

    There are few things more exciting in the investment business than finding a golden opportunity staring you in the face.

    That's why I do a lot of research. Because I know that the more I dig, the greater the chance I will find something that others miss, that leads to big opportunity.

    Just like when I revisited China's recent economic data, looking for something in there that indicates whether the country's economy is any closer to reviving its engine of growth.

    And its stock market, too.

    The Chinese stock market has fallen 40.9% since August 2009, leading Oppenheimer to refer to it as a "dead animal" and millions of investors to conclude it's a lost cause.

    All the more reason to dig…

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