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Is Your Vehicle on the "Most Hackable" List?

My first car was a bone-stock 1929 Ford Model A coupe that has been in the family since it was new.

My late grandfather – a machinist on the Lehigh Valley Railroad – drove the car as his everyday vehicle until the late 1940s. My Dad restored the car in his mid-teens and drove it through his high-school years.

And I did the same…


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  • Shah Gilani Is "Nervous" About the Markets

    When it comes to the stock market, it's not the "little dips" that are a concern, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani said Tuesday.

    What is worrisome are the "black holes," and if and when we'll step into one.

    With Goldman Sachs' $100 million loss Tuesday, and the Nasdaq shutting down for hours today, looks like we're already there…

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  • This Week in Numbers

    It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words can't.

    Here's a look at some of the fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important numbers that the world has put up on the board recently – and why you need to know them.

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  • Here's the Key to How the Stock Market Will Move This Week

    Coming off the worst week of the year, and with the very real possibility of the Dow Jones dipping back below 15,000, the question on everyone's lips is "Where's the bottom?"

    That's why Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald spoke on Monday with FOX Business' Charles Payne of "Varney & Co."about just how low the stock market can go.

    Fitz-Gerald looks at the stock market's support and resistance levels, and gives us a good picture of what to expect in the week ahead – and much more. He looks ahead to the Fed's Jackson "Black" Hole summit, and speculates on when the Fed's reindeer games will run out of gas.

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  • Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Weekly Round-up from Money Morning

    It was a rocky week for markets- but if you know the best stocks to buy now, your portfolio is in good shape…

    Last week, the Dow lost 2.23%, or 344 points, to finish at 15,081.47, and the Standard & Poor's 500 fell 2.1% to 1,655.38.

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  • Gold Bugs Will Love What This Chart Says About Gold Prices

    There's no shortage of catalysts pushing gold prices higher, but now gold bugs have another…

    A technical analysis of the chart depicting gold's rocky ride over the past nine months shows that gold prices have only just begun to break out to the upside.

    Take a look…

  • Here’s Why China's Fat Finger Trade Matters

    China's Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSE) frankly went a little crazy yesterday afternoon, as shares swung up by nearly 6% – with a 53% jump in volume in a matter of about two minutes.

    But it soon came to light that Everbright Securities Co. Ltd., one of the largest securities brokerages in all of China, had placed an erroneous buy order – a fat-finger trade – for securities worth $1.13 billion.

    These revelations caused more chaos; Everbright's shares were suspended, while shares of the parent company, China Everbright International Ltd., lost as much as 8.5% of their value. The Shanghai Composite dropped overall.

    The volatility ruined a lot of afternoons.

    All of this from one fat-finger trade.

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  • The Only "Crash Talk" Worth Trading

    You've no doubt heard the "crash talk" intensifying after two triple-digit down days. But after reviewing more than 100 commentaries, there are exactly two and a half I take seriously.

    The one we'll start with can not only help you now – as in today. It can also give you a permanent edge, because most people will never know how it works.

    That's a shame.

    The indicator you're about to see has predicted every major market inflection point since 1985.

    And that's why I need to show you its current "readings" while there's something you can do about it all. We'll look at four moves, in fact. Taking an initial stake in the shares below – or adding to your position – is just one of them…

    First, here's the indicator that can give you as much as a 30-day "heads up"…

  • Don't Blame Wal-Mart (WMT) and Cisco (CSCO) Slumps On Emerging Markets

    Cisco stock (Nasdaq: CSCO) plunged 7.17% today, and Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) stock 2.6%, after disappointing earnings reports drove investors to sell.

    Cisco announced plans to cut 4,000 more jobs (5% of its global workforce); the sales forecast for the quarter came in surprisingly low.

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  • Stock Market Today: 5 Reasons Why the Dow Fell 225 Points

    The stock market today killed the idea of "turnaround Thursdays"…

    The Dow fell 225.39 points Thursday, one day after the benchmark fell 113 points, its first triple-digit decline since June 28. With Thursday's drop, the Dow hit its first back-to-back triple-digit decline since June 19-20, when it plummeted nearly 560 points over the two days.

    June's rout was spurred by comments from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) following its June meeting. At the time, the central bank said it would taper QE this year should the economy and job market continue to improve.

    The current swoon, however, stems from way more than the Fed…

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  • These Income Stocks are High Growth in Disguise

    Classifying MLPs as "income" stocks is a big mistake. It's a costly one too…especially if it's growth you're after.

    Yes, the partnerships toss off tons of cash. The high-net worth folks I work with can achieve, for example, $350,000 in cash payouts from investing $5 million in an MLP yielding 7%.

    But they're more like growth stocks in disguise…

    Remember, the high income is merely a function of the MLP structure. They're set up in a "pass-through" structure. This means that up to 90% or more of the distributions you receive from an MLP will be considered a return of capital, not income, by the IRS. You don't pay taxes immediately on this portion of the distribution.

    But these big cash payouts are driven by growth. A lot of it.

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