The CMG Stock Price Will Continue to Plummet in 2016

The CMG stock price dropped over 3% today as new cases of E. coli outbreaks were reported in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Since October, the CMG stock price has plunged nearly 30%.

Some value investors may think this is a time to buy, but find out why the Chipotle stock price could drop even further in 2016...


What's Next for the GMCR Stock Price After Today's 75% Gain

The Keurig Green Mountain (Nasdaq: GMCR) stock price surged some 75% to $90.17 Monday after the coffee company agreed to be taken private by investor group JAB Holding Co. for $92 a share in cash.

That's a hefty 78% premium to GMCR's stock price prior to deal.

Here's what investors need to know about the GMCR stock price now...


Where the Gold Price Is Headed Next

The past week has to be one of the most volatile yet surprising, both up and down, in a while for gold – so where is the gold price headed next?

The real action for gold prices lies ahead...


Why We're Bullish on the GE Stock Price Today and in 2016

The GE stock price today held firm at $30.44 after announcing it has terminated the $3.3 billion sale of its appliance business to Electrolux amid regulatory roadblocks.

GE gets $175 million from Electrolux in a break-up fee and will pursue selling the unit.

Here's why GE is a stock to buy and own now...

Trading Strategies

This Skill Is Essential for Pinpointing Your Options Trades

You can use a stock’s support and resistance levels to identify channels and better predict how a stock’s price will behave.

For example, horizontal channels mean a stock is trending sideways.

But channels can also trend up or down, and learning to spot them will help you identify potentially profitable options trades.

There’s a lot that you need to know in order to wield this technique effectively, so let’s get started…


The Two "Bandits" Ripping Off Investors This Week

Just because central bankers want to lead investors over the cliff like they did in 2008 doesn't mean that people should follow them.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what investors did last week. In a year that has seen many foolish rallies, Friday's massive rally in stocks – coming just a day after a massive sell-off – was the most foolish of all.

Let's take these one at a time...


Warning: Business Development Companies Just Got Doubly Risky

At this point of the credit cycle, a lot of securities look cheap.

Business Development Companies (BDCs) are looking exceptionally cheap right now – trading at 82.7% of their net asset value and kicking off very high income of 10% to 17% at the same time.

Due to their structure as closed-end funds that pay high dividends, BDCs are designed to appeal to retail investors.

The problem is that investors often forget that high dividends come with a price – and that price is usually that the loans made by these companies are illiquid and high risk.

And Congress just made the risk much worse...


Why Sears Holdings Stock Will Continue to Drop

The Sears Holdings stock price has come under pressure again amid a 20% revenue decline in the latest quarter.

Dwindling store traffic, heated competition, and heavy cash burn are among key concerns.

Here's why Sears Holding stock looks like a total avoid...


The Real Reason the Medtronic Stock Price Is Climbing

The Medtronic stock price climbed 1% in early morning trading today (Friday) after the company reported a 62% increase in revenue in its latest earnings report.

Revenue from the United states rose 67% to $4.1 billion for the device-based medical therapy company, and accounted for 58% of total revenue.

But Money Morning subscribers need to read on to find out why the MDT stock price is more expensive than shareholders may realize...

The Fed

Why a December Rate Hike Looks Like a Done Deal Now

American employers increased headcount by 211,000 in November.

That healthy showing all but guarantees that U.S. policymakers will raise interest rates for the first time since June 2006 when they meet Dec. 15-16.

Here's why a December rate hike looks like a done deal now...