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Don’t Confuse Shake Shack “Hopium” for Value (NYSE: SHAK)

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald was on CNBC Tuesday, discussing his view of the fundamentals of Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK).

While a lot of pundits think that SHAK stock's post-sell-off bump is a sign things are turning around, Keith points out a number of vital reasons why they're wrong.

Watch the video to learn more...


Six New Companies Going Public This Week: BUFF, HCACU, ESSF, LOB, NEOS, BCDA

There are six new companies going public this week expected to raise a combined $1.03 billion.

Last week saw the IPO market get back on track as year-to-date IPO returns rose to 18%. The two biggest winners were ProNAi Therapeutics and Rapid7.

Here's a breakdown of each IPO hitting the market this week...

Stock Market Today

Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Fell Today

What did the DJIA do today?

Get final numbers, stocks to watch, biggest news, and today's best profit plays.

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Best Shares to Buy in 2015: Repligen (Nasdaq: RGEN)

Repligen Corp. (Nasdaq: RGEN) offers some of the best shares to buy in 2015. Already this year, the stock has climbed 104%.

Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson and Executive Editor Bill Patalon have been recommending RGEN stock since June 2013. Since then, RGEN shares have soared more than 388%.

While it might be tempting to take gains on this RGEN stock run, Repligen stock still has plenty of upside. Here's why they are still some of the best shares to buy in 2015...

Stock Market Today

What Can Close the NYSE?

On July 8, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) shut down for nearly four hours, without warning. A "technical issue" temporarily halted trading from 11:32 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. ET.

But the unexpected closing that rattled investors was actually just one in more than 400 "special closings" in the exchange's 223-year history.

Exactly what can close the NYSE?

Here's a look at some notable special and emergency closings that put Wednesday's glitch into perspective...

Market scandals

Four Notorious Cases of Stock Manipulation

In some of the most notorious cases of stock market manipulation, the audacity and self-assuredness of white collar fraudsters is hard to believe…

These market big-wigs thought they could get away with anything, unscathed.

Here are four of the most notorious cases of market manipulation in the history of...well... market manipulation...

inflation hedge

Inflation Is Lurking, but This Asset Can Protect You

While the investing world is focused on Greece, events unfolding right now in Africa offer another important cautionary tale.

Thanks to reckless political and economic mismanagement, Zimbabwe holds clues to the future of other nations – like ours.

Granted, this failed state's policies have been more egregious than those perpetrated by the U.S. government against its people. Nonetheless, some of the outcomes could be similar. And I'm going to tell you one way to protect yourself.

Zimbabweans have been robbed by inflation for years and right now are now being offered compensation that's no better than an insult.

It's a frightening scenario. And those who think "it can't happen here" need only think back to the massive losses caused by runaway inflation during the Oil Shock days of the 1970s.

But preparing for it is easier than you'd think...

U.S. Economy

2008 Stock Market Crash Causes and Aftermath

The 2008 stock market crash was the worst since the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

The Dow plunged 54% in 18 months. It wiped out more than $2 trillion of Americans' retirement savings, and millions lost their jobs.

Here's a look at the events behind the brutal 2008 crash, in our third installment of the worst stock market crashes in U.S. history...


4 Charts That Show Japan Stock Market Rally Is Overdone

In Japan, stock market euphoria has taken hold.

The reality of the Japanese economy is much bleaker than the roaring Japanese stock market would have you believe.

Here are four charts that explain Japan's current crisis not reflected in this rally...


Navigating the Shoals of an Overvalued Market

Stocks have struggled to rally in recent weeks, but that hasn't stopped the IPO market from offering investors the chance to leave reason behind.

Last week, two particular deals demonstrated that while the overall market is expensive, pockets of it are undeniably in a bubble.

Here's what you should know about the IPOs and the week…

Here's what you should know about the IPOs and the week...