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The Best Investments to Hold in 2016

As usual, none of Wall Street's so-called "top strategists" in a recent Barron's survey are calling for stocks to decline in 2016. All of them are calling for the bull market to continue next year.

Their 2016 S&P 500 forecasts varied from a groupthink low of 2,100 (Goldman Sachs' David Kostin) to a groupthink high of 2,500 (Federated Investors' Stephen Auth). Most of the rest were crowded around 2,200.

My own forecast practically puts me off this chart altogether.

Here it is...


The Tesla Stock Price Just Received This Major Catalyst for 2016

The Tesla stock price is up today after news broke that CEO Elon Musk will hire an additional 4,500 workers in California over the next four years.

The electric car space is getting more and more competitive, and Musk needs to hire top-notch engineers to keep Tesla at the forefront of the alternative vehicle industry.

Here's what Money Morning readers to know about the hiring spree and what it means for the TSLA stock price in 2016...


WTI Crude Oil Prices Fall Today to 39% Drop in 2015

WTI crude oil prices today fell in early morning trading as the commodity closes out its worst year since 2008.

Many pundits blame the recent repeal of the oil export ban for today's drop in prices.

But there are a few reasons why boosting oil exports would actually lift prices over the long term...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Down 74 Points as Oil Prices Slump

Good morning! Dow Jones Industrial Average futures today (Monday, Dec. 28) were down 74 points ahead of opening bell.

Crude oil prices rallied last week but are down 3.18% this morning. Fears of oil glut and a pricing war between OPEC and non-OPEC producers dropped the price to $36.89 per barrel.

Here's what else investors need to know about the Dow Jones Industrial Average today...


Chipotle Stock Price Will Continue to Plummet

The Chipotle stock price is slightly rallying after patrons of Chipotle have reportedly contracted a new stand of E. coli from the restaurant.

The CMG stock price may be slightly up on the day, but it's down 32.13% over the last three months.

Some investors may view this as a cheap entry point, but here's why the Chipotle stock price could plummet even further heading into 2016...


What's Next for the Nike Stock Price in 2016

The Nike stock price opened around $133 today (Wednesday) following the company's 2-for-1 stock split. A 2-for-1 stock split halves the price of shares, which is why the Nike stock price looks so much lower today.

The Nike stock price jumped nearly 3% after hours Tuesday and was flirting with an all-time high $135.30 following solid fiscal Q2 2016 results.

Here's what's next for the stock now...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises as Crude Traders Higher

Find out what's ahead for the stock market today.

Get your update on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, stocks to watch, the biggest stock market news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...


Where the Square Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ) stock has lost 6.5% since its first-day close of $13.07 over a month ago.

And our Square stock price prediction sees the company falling lower in 2016.

Here's are the two biggest factors that will drag it down...


Best Stocks to Buy Now for Easy Profits in 2016

Our Money Morning experts added to our list of the best stocks to buy now heading into 2016.

Our top experts have been closely watching these winners for some time, and many of these are stocks you'll want to hold onto in 2016.

See what stock picks we're excited about...


How Terror Attacks Really Affect the Stock Market

The bloody terrorist attacks in cities like Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, and now San Bernardino, Calif., have people concerned – and investors are downright nervous. With attacks happening more frequently than before, it's natural for them to wonder about the resilience of the markets in 2016 and the safety of their hard-earned money.

But I've been in the markets for more than 20 years – decades that have seen hundreds of terrorist incidents worldwide and around 20 high-profile attacks on Western targets alone. Each time I've seen something truly remarkable happen, and I want to show you what that is.

Even better, I'm going to show you the single best investment you can make at a time like this...