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Stock Market Today

Bank of Japan QE "Treat" Is a Massive Global Trick

Today (Friday) Japan announced new plan in their already aggressive Bank of Japan QE plan: more stimulus.

And while markets have been soaring on this new expected stream of easy money, it can't last.

Bank of Japan QE has given the markets a "sugar high." But how long before the markets have a heart attack?


Groupon Earnings Deliver One Takeaway: Don't Buy GRPN

The only noteworthy thing to take notice of with Groupon earnings: don't buy its stock.

Groupon Inc. (Nasdaq: GRPN) reported a mixed earnings season for third quarter.

But GRPN stock is not a long-term buy because of its severe underlying weaknesses.

Stock Market Today

Dow Jones Soared 200 Points Thursday – Here's Where to Profit

What the Dow Jones did today: The market soared Thursday following a strong quarterly report from two credit card giants and a better-than-expected U.S. Q3 GDP report.

Let's take a look at today's scorecard:


GoPro (Nasdaq: GPRO) Stock's Most Important, Overlooked Number

GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) stock jumped as much as 8% in afterhours trading today (Thursday) after the company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.12 for the third quarter. Analysts had been expecting EPS of $0.08.

As expected, GoPro's camera sales were strong and contributed to the earning's beat.

But as we've been saying at Money Morning since the GoPro IPO, the story with this company is not its camera sales.

There is another key figure that tells us more about this stock...

Social media stocks

Should I Buy Twitter Stock at a Discount Today (NYSE: TWTR)?

If you're wondering, "Should I buy Twitter stock at a discount?," our expert said exactly how he'd play TWTR right now on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." on Wednesday…

Check it out here.

Investing Tips

Why Ultimate Trailing Stops Are an Essential Investing Strategy

You've spotted an unstoppable, trillion-dollar trend. You've identified the stock that's set to benefit most and made a trade using the tactics that will squeeze the most profit out of it.

Nicely done.

Now it's time for the final piece of the Total Wealth strategy.

Mention the words "risk management" and most investors get a look that's somewhere between "bored" and "terrified." It's not that they don't want to control risk; they're just not sure how and they don't make it a priority.

Yet the most direct path to building a fortune is not losing your money in the first place.

All you really need is a handful of tools – which I'm going to walk you through one by one in the coming weeks – and the discipline to enforce them.

One you're probably already familiar with is a trailing stop. They're usually automatic sell orders set at a specific percent below the market price of the investment you hold or at some predetermined dollar amount of risk on a given investment. While people typically think of trailing stops as downside protection, in fact, they can be used to lock in profits, too. That's why I recommend using them on almost every investment.

But few people use what I call "Ultimate Trailing Stops."

Stocks to Watch

Stocks to Watch Today: MO, SBUX, TWC Top List

Stocks to watch, Thursday Oct. 30: This week, 158 companies in the S&P 500 will report Q3 earnings, according to FactSet.

Today we hear from a coffee titan, a credit card giant, a tobacco king, a precious metal miner, and more.

Find out what you need to know right here...


GoPro Earnings Report: GPRO Stock's Success Not Tied to Revenue, Sales

GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) stock is under the microscope today (Thursday) as the company reports earnings after the bell.

Analysts are expecting earnings per share (EPS) of $0.08, on revenue of $263.5 million. Those numbers will move the stock tonight and tomorrow, but there's a much more important long-term factor to watch.

In fact, this part of the company's future plans will dictate GPRO stock's long term success...

Market Today

How the DJIA Today Reacted to Fed Meeting and FB Outlook

The DJIA today was in the red, mostly due to what the Fed said in its post-meeting statement.

Get the details, the most important news from the stock market today, and our favorite plays of the day, right here.

Take a look...

Tech Investing

The Worst Advice Wall Street Ever Gave

A Wall Street money manager quoted in a recent column in the Wall Street Journal said that investors should make sure they have exposure to emerging markets.

When I read that statement, I was floored. This may be the worst investment advice Wall Street ever gave.

Here's why this advice is so terrible - and what you should do instead...