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Technology Article


Floundering Twitter Still Rewards Leaders with Outrageous Executive Compensation

It's not shocking that tech executives earn millions of dollars.

But what is truly shocking is when executives earn millions of dollars and the company is losing money.

While Twitter stock has plummeted 78% over the last three years, executives are being handed hundreds of millions of dollars. Frankly folks, it's truly disgusting...


"Pokemon Go" Is a Trojan Horse – for the Next $150 Billion Tech Sector

Pokemon Go has exploded in popularity since its debut, but it's more than just a fad.

The game's underlying technology is part of a tech sector expected to be worth $150 billion by 2020 - and these shares are the best way to cash in...


The Nintendo Stock Price Today Is Crashing – Here's Why It Could Fall Further

The Nintendo stock price plunged more than 10% today following the company's press release last week.

The firm said the new Pokemon Go app will have a limited impact on its financial performance.

But that's just one reason the stock could fall further - here are two more...


Here's the Real Story Out of Farnborough – and the Best Way to Play It

As amazing as some of the aeronautical feats at the Farnborough International Airshow were, the real story involved a fleet of 90 highly advanced tiny fliers.

They're part of a booming sector forecast to hit $14 billion by 2025. Here's how to play this trend for profits now - and in the long term...


What's Next for the Yahoo Stock Price After $4.8 Billion Verizon Acquisition

The Fed isn't expected to raise rates in July, but we will get a better understanding of how Janet Yellen views the current global economy. Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) on Monday announced it will buy Yahoo! Inc.'s (Nasdaq: YHOO) web assets in a $4.83 billion deal, ending a lengthy auction for the sputtering Internet company.

The deal has left investors asking what's next for the Yahoo stock price after the Verizon acquisition.

Here's what we know so far...


Nintendo Stock Price Tanks 10% Today – Just as We Expected

After skyrocketing 86% in the last two weeks, the Nintendo stock price tanked 7.78% to $33.08 today (Wednesday) – just as we expected.

When we first wrote about the Pokemon Go craze on July 11, we were skeptical if the gains were sustainable.

Here's the latest...

Trading Strategies

Record Highs Don't Mean Smooth Sailing

Despite hitting record highs, markets will remain volatile in the near term.

These five investing tactics will help you preserve (and build) your wealth in choppy seas...


What the DAO Vote Means for Blockchain… and Your Financial Future

DAO token holders voted on the future of this fintech venture following its recent hack.

Here's how they voted, plus what their decision means for the future of blockchain technology...


What's Next for the Yahoo Stock Price After Q2 Earnings

The Yahoo stock price is slightly up right before the company announces Q2 2016 earnings.

Yahoo provided a weak revenue guidance earlier in the year, though, so investors should tamper their expectations.

But we had to make sure our readers had the most specific information on earnings per share and revenue projections. Find out what to expect from Yahoo's earnings report right here...


Should I Buy Netflix Stock After Q2 Earnings?

With Netflix stock down 13.98% year to date, investors will be closely watching the company's Q2 earnings after today's (Monday) close for a buy signal.

Here's what to watch for in Netflix's Q2 earnings reports.

And here's our recommendation on how to play NFLX stock...