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The 5 Scariest Hacks of 2015

This past year proved that nothing is safe from cyber criminals anymore.

From phones to cars to bank accounts, hackers got imaginative in their exploitation tactics. And this year they didn't just access emails and passwords – they went for even more intimate data, including fingerprints.

Here are the five scariest hacks of 2015...


These 3 Stocks to Buy Round Out 2016's New Internet "Dream Team"

The "New Internet Economy" is a market sector worth a combined $2.6 trillion, with major trends driving a select group of five big-cap leaders to new heights.

Each of these all-stars commands a growing slice of e-commerce, mobile transactions, and cloud computing, and all are poised to hand tech investors steady gains, starting in January.

So let's drill down and take a look at these other stocks to buy - and why you must have them in your portfolio...


Why 2016 Will Be the Year of the Tech Investing "Dream Team"

The Internet has come a long way since the 1990s. Since that time, three web-based sectors in particular have become tech investing cash cows.

The e-commerce, mobile advertising, and cloud computing are worth a combine $2.6 trillion, and a quintet of firms are rising to dominate these segments.

Today we'll discuss the first two players on this team - and why each is a great foundational play for 2016 and beyond...


Three Market-Crushing Tech Stocks for 2016

The S&P 500 declined around 1% in 2015, but the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite is up more than 5.5%. Plenty of my favorite tech stocks have performed spectacularly, in fact, dominating the market this year.

And 2016 already promises to be even better for this entire sector, as the new concepts that were on the drawing board in 2015 move to market reality to pack on bottom line profits in the new year.

So here's a special video report on three stocks - including one that will change medicine as we know it - that I believe every investor should buy now for 2016...


Will There Finally Be a Chance to Invest in SpaceX Stock in 2016?

Will there finally be a chance to invest in SpaceX stock in 2016?

Here's the latest on Elon Musk's forward-thinking commercial space transportation brainchild…

Here's the latest on Elon Musk's forward-thinking commercial space transportation brainchild...


Tesla Motors Stock Just Received This Surprising New Catalyst in Chile

The Tesla Motors stock price is up after exciting news that the company is looking to form a business venture with a mine company in Chile.

If Tesla can form a business relationship with this company, it's production and resources can drastically improve.

Find out how this Chilean company can help Tesla and why the news is moving the Tesla Motors stock price...


Beat the Market by 30% Riding Tech Stock Buybacks

In just the first six months of 2015, U.S. firms spent more than a quarter of a trillion dollars on share buybacks.

And federal data shows that corporate buybacks, which have been rising for years now, are likely to grow even more between now and 2020.

The really good news for tech stocks is this: Technology companies make up the bulk of firms that are racing to repurchase their stock.

There's an easy way to cash in on this buyback frenzy. With it, you can beat the market by more than 30% over the next five years...


Apple Stock Price Will Get a Boost from This Genius Move

The Apple stock price stands to get a nice push from the company's deviously brilliant Black Friday strategy.

Defying convention, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) opted to shun discounts on its products for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any holiday shopping day in between.

And yet this probably was Apple's biggest Thanksgiving weekend ever.

Here's how Apple pulled off this retailing magic...


Cash In on Chinese Tech Stocks with One Easy Move

Chinese tech stocks are out of favor on Wall Street, but the Street's worries about China's slowing growth are greatly exaggerated.

Just look how busy shoppers are there. China's National Bureau of Statistics said retail sales rose 11% last month. Not only did that beat forecasts, but it also stands as this year's single strongest monthly increase.

This helps explain why China's e-commerce sector is doing so well. And there's an easy way to play this entire red-hot sector. Check it out...


Why the Alibaba Spin-Off Is Under Attack from This Activist Investor

Activist hedge fund and key Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) shareholder Starboard Value LP has thrown a major snag in the company's Alibaba spin-off plans.

Starboard is pressuring Yahoo to halt the $20 billion Alibaba spin-off and instead sell its sputtering Internet business.

Here's what Starboard wants Yahoo to do instead....