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Should I Buy AMZN Stock After Amazon Prime Day?

With AMZN stock near a 52-week high today, investors want to know if Prime Day tomorrow will boost shares over the long term.

But massive Prime Day sales is only one reason why we see the stock price heading higher in 2016.

Here are three other bullish factors for the Amazon stock price...


Ekso's "Monster" Moment Is Right Around the Corner

On the heels of three major milestones, and with multiple partnerships down the pipeline, Ekso Bionics continues to secure dominance in the exoskeleton market.

In fact, this small-cap stock could become one of your biggest wins - ever. Here's how...


Here’s How to Play Amazon Stock Ahead of Prime Day

The Amazon stock price netted a quick gain for investors last year after its first-ever Prime Day event.

The 2015 Prime Day offered deals on baby products, home appliances, and electronics.

It was so popular that 398 items were ordered per second. So now that Prime Day is back in 2016, how should you invest in Amazon stock before July 12? Here's what you need to know...


We Predicted the IPO Market Would Come Roaring Back… and Here It Is

Wall Street types would say we've been in a "period of low issuance" for IPOs.

Back in March, I put it much more strongly when I said the market was "downright lousy" for investors looking to grab these often-lucrative opportunities.

In fact, I took it further, saying the "IPO window" had been "shut… and locked and bricked over."

But… in that same issue, I made a prediction that we were about to see IPOs come back around in a big way.

The gains we've seen in the fund I'm going to show you speak for themselves, but we got even stronger confirmation of that predicted surge this week, when iconic American snack food maker Hostess Brands announced a $2.3 billion issue hitting the Street this quarter.

My favorite IPO play has all the sizzle of that market, but with some of the risk squeezed out. And right now, it's going for an unbelievably low price…

That's just what has happened, so here's the single best way to play it... without all the risk.


Before Facebook Stock Split Date, Here's How to Play FB

The Facebook stock split vote passed, but that wasn't really much of a surprise.

That's because CEO Mark Zuckerberg had 60% of the voting power.

But now that shareholders will receive a 3-for-1 stock split, Money Morning readers have been asking us for more details on what will happen. Here's everything you need to know...


Would Apple Stock Get a Lift from One of These Acquisitions?

With prospects for new sales growth uncertain, Apple stock has slumped over the past year.

But Apple isn't out of bullets yet. It's suspected that the tech giant is shopping for a big media company that will provide a fresh source of growth and give AAPL stock a shot in the arm.

The only question is which media company is the best fit.

A deal for one of these companies is just what Apple stock needs right now...


BBRY Stock Price Tanks Again – Is There Any Value Left?

The BlackBerry Ltd. (Nasdaq: BBRY) stock price fell nearly 3% today after the company discontinued its latest smartphone.

With shares down 31% year to date, investors are wondering if there is any value left in BlackBerry stock.

Here's what you need to know...


Will Ashley Madison Go Bankrupt in 2016?

The slogan for Ashley Madison is that life is short, so married individuals should have an affair if they feel so inclined.

Some people loathe the site for obvious reasons, but former CEO Noel Biderman felt he was just providing a platform for a market that already existed.

But because of a massive data breach in 2015, client information was shared by hackers for the world to see. And without the discreteness, this taboo site is in serious trouble in 2016...


Why the TSLA Stock Price Is Falling Today – Is This a Buying Opportunity?

The TSLA stock price fell 3% today on news the electric car manufacturer missed its delivery target for the second consecutive quarter.

We view today's decline as a buying opportunity.

Here's why...


Elon Musk Doesn't Care About the Tesla Stock Price – and That's OK

Elon Musk doesn't care about Tesla stock price, which has fallen more than 7% since last week's $2.8 billion offer to buy SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) – and that's OK.

Musk is focused on the long term, as are we.

Here's why we're bullish on Tesla...