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Big Data Offers a Unique Way for You to Cash In on Rising Rents

"Rent inflation" is a big deal right now, as soaring rents are creating a "crisis of affordability" that could short-circuit the tech boom.

But whenever a problem like this arises, the most ambitious companies will seek to solve it – while making a hefty profit in the process.

We've uncovered a Big Data firm that has a stranglehold on the U.S. rental market.

Here's why we believe its stock can double over the next three years...

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These Stocks Will Prosper Regardless of Obamacare's Fate

Now that all the key deadlines for Obamacare have finally taken effect, a lot of tech investors are busy trying to figure out how this will affect their portfolios.

It's easy to see why. This is the largest and most fundamental change to hit the healthcare sector in decades.

Not only that, but Wall Street is currently trying to pick the winners from the losers – and frankly isn't doing a particularly good job of it.

Fact is, Obamacare is at least partly responsible for some of the biotech sector's recent sell-off…

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Best Investments in Tech: It's Not Time to Panic… It's Time to Buy

Over the last couple weeks, the pundits have come out of the woodwork with all sorts of dire predictions about the tech market.

To be sure, the Nasdaq is down about 5% over the last month. But we look at declines as great buying opportunities that, if handled correctly, can help you build your net worth.

Here are four of the best investments that you can make right now to turn the market's recent turmoil to your financial advantage.

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These CEOs Will Make You Rich

We're sharing this edition of Private Briefing with you because it contains some of Bill's best insight into what turns good companies into great ones – and how you can profit from them. Bill's readers profit from analysis like this all the time…

During the 30 years I've spent as a business journalist and financial columnist, I've developed a long list of personal axioms that have helped me identify "Best of Breed" investments.

These axioms touch on such topic areas as finance, marketing, intellectual property, and even competitive threats. But some of the most important of my personal investment aphorisms have to do with leadership and a company's management team.

And leadership starts with the CEO.

As one of my precepts holds, "A good CEO can create a very strong company. But a great CEO can create an empire."

Just like these… Full Story

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Tech Stocks Are the Real Indicator of the Markets

Tech stocks have been hit hard in the last week, and the Nasdaq Composite is down nearly 4% in the month of April. The index took another dive today, down 2.7% by 1 p.m.

Big names in the tech sector have been hit particularly hard. Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) is down 4% this month, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) has dropped 5% in April, and Tesla Motors Co. (Nasdaq: TSLA) has dipped almost 6% this week.

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Tech Stocks to Buy Now When the Markets Are Underperforming

Technology stocks have been at the forefront of a global market downturn in the last week, leading many to avoid that industry when looking for stocks to buy.

stocks to buyThe Nasdaq Composite has dropped more than 3% in the last five trading days and more than 6% in the last month. On Friday, the Nasdaq dropped 2.6%, or 110 points, for its second-worst one-day performance of 2014.

But, don't panic - here are tech stocks to buy in a wheezing market...

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Carl Icahn Just Did Your Bank Account a Big, Big Favor

In the Go-Go '80s – back when the hit movie Wall Street told us that "Greed Is Good" – Carl Icahn was known as a "corporate raider"… and was revered for his windfall-producing decisiveness.

Icahn is still around. And he's still active. Only now – in the politically correct 2000s – he's known as an "activist investor" who's gone up against the likes of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY).

And he can make you very, very rich...

Why Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) Stock Is Down Today

Why the sudden slip in Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) stock?

fb stock today

Shares of the social networking leader slipped some 5% intraday Friday to $56.50. That followed a 5.15% drop on Thursday. The recent slump has nearly wiped out all of 2014's gains and leaves shares close to FB's Jan 2 opening price of $54.83.

While FB shares are still up a modest 5% year to date, they sit roughly 20% off the highs hit less than a month ago.


Bitcoin ATMs Will Push Digital Currency into the Mainstream

One of the main obstacles holding back mass adoption of Bitcoin is that it's not all that easy for the average person to buy it.

Title: bitcoin ATMs - Description: bitcoin ATMsThat is quickly changing, however, with the spread of Bitcoin ATMs. The few hundred Bitcoin ATMs scattered around the world right now will bloom into tens of thousands over the next few years, and eventually hundreds of thousands. (There are about 2.2 million conventional ATMs in the world.)

That kind of accessibility will prove key to the wider adoption of Bitcoin. But the machines also need to be easy to use, a consideration the Bitcoin ATM pioneers already seem to understand.

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