Intel Corp

Three Stocks: MindMed, Ulta, and Intel

Mind Medicine MindMed (MNMD) was on the move again today, looking for another 50% gain according to my chart. If you don’t know about this stock, you should take a few minutes to get familiar with it by checking out my article from a month ago… Shares of this clinical stage biopharmaceutical company are traded […]

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Chinese Chip Wars Tank Intel Stock

The Chip War with China has been a game of chess between two superpowers. Last night, China made the latest move, and this morning, it’s taking a few big names down – namely Intel (INTC), AMD (AMD), and Microsoft (MSFT). Headlines splashed across my screen this morning that China is moving to implement guidelines that […]

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The Biden Administration Finally Writes Intel a Check

OK, this is almost too good, but remember that it’s all politics. The Biden Administration has been playing cat and mouse with Intel (INTC) for the last three months. You remember, the CHIPS Act, right? Well, Intel has been waiting for the Administration to write a few checks so they can get their plans moving […]

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The Accelerating “Reshoring” Trend Makes This Trucking Stock a Must-Buy

For decades globalization has dominated the conversation around production of goods.As a rule, the largest corporations in the world outsource production to China, India, and many other countries with cheap labor.But a bipartisan political backlash to the mass exporting of American jobs, and the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on global supply chains means that traditional narrative is changing quickly .

That is why I’m looking directly at trucking – long haul trucking (LHT), specifically.