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8 Commodities You Should Be Investing In

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), in its newly released Commodity Manual, just delivered good news for anyone investing in commodities in 2013.

The report gives a bullish outlook in 2013 and 2014 for eight of 14 commodities it evaluated. Estimated two-year gains range from 3.05% to 17.3%.

Money Morning Global Resources Specialist Peter Krauth agrees most commodities will perform well. In fact, he projects even higher growth than Morgan Stanley's outlook.

"With central banks on their virtually uninterrupted fiat money-printing spree bound to continue for the next few years, hard assets remain a great place to be," Krauth says. "That being said, some commodities will undoubtedly do better than others."

Investing in Commodities: The Outlook for 2013-14

Here's the Morgan Stanley report rundown on eight commodities headed for price gains:

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  1. aida mendoza | February 6, 2013

    I would like to receive updates

  2. brian | March 9, 2013

    as would I

  3. como deity | March 18, 2013

    me three lol!

  4. Rakesh | March 20, 2013

    Yes, you are right, these are the best commodities for investment. But its difficult to recognize which time is the best for investment in particular commodity, so its advisable that you consult with experts so that you can trade easily.

  5. Don | April 24, 2013

    As silver dropped 20% since I bought it in early 2013….

  6. enthusceptic | June 2, 2013

    What about ETFs?

  7. thomas99136 | June 16, 2013

    what does agnc looks for year 2013 thank you jesse

  8. Syed Sayeed Khundmiry | September 14, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    I am regular market in Indian & International Stocks, Commodities & Forex Market, and now the Rupee-Dollar situation is coming to good situation after 2 weeks bad flow on stocks, etc. I hold my stocks as we know that this Dollar-Rupee high-rise will come to fall and the Indian Stocks are now shows good returns with smile on Indians.

  9. antony parkin | October 9, 2013

    Just reading this article now in October 2013…These projections were terribly inaccurate, I feel sorry for anyone who invested off the back of this article.

  10. shane f | October 25, 2013

    i am just reading article now. Its not thats its inaccurate nobody expected gold to plunge. BUt i think its a good time to get into these commodites now. They are on sale why not.

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