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Why Electric Vehicles Are Driving Nickel Prices Sky-High

Nickel is running out, and nickel prices are running up.

That's because nickel happens to be the primary metal behind electric vehicle (EV) batteries and other emerging technologies.

And we've got some nickel stocks lined up to help you cash in on it.

Experts are saying that lithium-ion batteries will see their composition change considerably in the near future, beginning to favor nickel over Cobalt, Vanadium, and even Lithium itself.

That's why investors need to focus on nickel and its most promising producers.

Here's Your Post-Labor Day Moneymaking Edge

"A holiday-shortened trading week" is a phrase you've heard so often you might not even pay attention to anymore, but there's a lot going on there.

Holidays are great for relaxing, but they can do funny things to markets.

For one, volume and liquidity have a funny way of drying up around days off; there's literally less "market."

That can mean limited opportunities to make money, and more importantly, it can mean more volatility. At a time like this, when huge whipsaw moves are so common, that's really saying something.

Fortunately, we've got a "road map" to the four days after Labor Day and beyond. It's the Money Calendar and, at times like this, it's like being able to see the immediate future of the stock market.

We've been using it to look at the incredible profit potential in Cannabis Lots, for instance.

Let me share the moneymaking patterns that'll unlock big gains in this video with you - and I'll show you how to get set up during, well, "a holiday-shortened trading week"...

What Is the Difference Between a Call and a Put?

You won't get very far trading options without knowing the difference between a call and a put and how they work to make you money.

But if you know that an options contract allows you to buy or sell underlying shares of a stock, you're only a step away.

The next thing to know is whether you want to buy a "call" option or a "put" option.

And that's what we're going to show you today.


Here's How to Invest in Marijuana Stocks Online

Marijuana stocks are the new gold rush-except you don't have to run anywhere or dig for anything.

Today, we're going to show you how to invest in marijuana stocks online.

You can get a piece of a 457% market growth right from your couch.

But we're not only going to show you how to buy these stocks.

We're also going to share our favorite weed stock to buy once you know the ropes.

Here's how you can start banking on this huge opportunity...

Surprisingly, This Restaurant Stock Is Now a "Buy and Hold"

Today's American consumers are changing.

No longer are they satisfied to go out to dinner after a long week of work. Nor are younger Americans cooking at home with the same vigor of previous generations.

In their place has been an alarming trend: the rise of digital ordering and home-delivery. Industry reports show that delivery accounts for 5% to 10% of all orders.

In fact, the NPD Group said that digital restaurant orders have increased by a clip of 23% each year since 2013. By 2020, they expect that volumes will have tripled during that period.

Smartphone and mobile app orders are expected to become a $38 billion industry, and account for 11% of all quick service restaurant sales by next year, according to Business Insider Intelligence.

In this report, we dive into the best restaurant stock to buy today...