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September 2019 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

We Quickly Doubled Our Money on Bad News

To say this market is "sensitive" to Trump and trade headlines is an understatement. The Dow lurched 231 points lower in just 10 minutes last Friday on news that a Chinese trade delegation wouldn't be coming to meetings in Montana after all.

This past week, stocks were directly tethered, for better and worse, to news of the president's fortunes and the ups and downs of U.S.-China trade.

Trading in an extremely headline-sensitive market requires a special mindset, even if, as happens, the news doesn't really matter in the long run.

Some of my subscribers got the chance to make more than 120% gains in a single trading day managing headline volatility.

It's surprisingly easy to do - and, of course, it's fast...

The Best Way to Play "the Richest and Most Dynamic Marijuana Market in the Country"

California and Nevada are southwestern next-door neighbors of course, and both are big legal "adult use" cannabis markets.

But for now, that's where the similarities end.

We've talked before about the botched job of patchwork cannabis regulations holding back California's multibillion-dollar potential; we've talked about one company that could send revenue there surging 50%, too.

Happily, the Golden State is straightening up its act and should reap massive "catch-up" benefits in relatively short order.

The Silver State, on the other hand, did regulation and taxation right (read that as "comprehensively" and "lower than California") the first time around, and as such, marijuana sales there are expected to soar 690%, from $103 million in 2017 to $814 million by 2025.

For my money, this makes Nevada the most important cannabis market in the world. This is no hunch, either; two transactions over the past few weeks have basically borne out my statement and validated the extreme value in the Nevada market.

This is something investors will want to get in on, and for now, it's easy to do… Full Story

This is something investors will want to get in on, and for now, it's easy to do... Full Story

What Is a First-Stage Investor?

It’s easier than you think to turn $50 into millions.

And we’ll show you how to get started. Airbnb and Uber both began as little startups. Airbnb made 3,500% profit for some early-stage investors.

And some early investors in Uber made 11,900% on their stake in the company.

But you, too, could earn twofold, threefold, tenfold, or more profit as a first-stage investor.


How to Set a Stop-Loss in Options Trading

Knowing what to buy and when to buy it is only half of the trading process.

Savvy professionals will tell you that knowing when to sell is just as important, if not more important.

It’s all about controlling your risk. You must know in advance what has to happen to tell you when it is time to sell.

That’s why we’re going to show you how to set a stop-loss in options trading.


The Bitcoin Hash Rate Hit an All-Time High - What That Means for You

The Bitcoin hash rate, though it gets little attention in the mainstream media, is actually the best barometer for measuring the digital currency’s long-term prospects.

That’s because the hash rate measures how much mining power is being used to create new bitcoins.

And lately, the Bitcoin hash rate has been sending a very clear message…