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Is Another Stock Market Crash in 2020 Coming?

The coronavirus crash wiped out 35% of the market's value this spring.

But with stocks back at all-time highs and the pandemic still crippling the economy, investors are concerned a second stock market crash could be on its way.

We want our readers to be fully informed about the market and its risks, so we're going to look at the evidence.

While we can't predict the future, one of the best tools we have can help us tell if the stock market is overheated.

And it's showing stocks are more overvalued than they've been since 1971…


Why the Dow Jones Swapped Out Three Stocks Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average executed a minor overhaul today.

As of the opening bell, three stocks were removed from the index and three new stocks added in their place.

Dow Jones said it took the action because of the impact of the Apple stock split – it didn't want the tech sector to have less influence.

But how will this affect the DJIA and its component stocks going forward?.

Here's everything you need to know...

Dow Jones Now Is Volatile Amid Changes to the Index

The Dow Jones now wrestles between rising coronavirus cases in certain areas and a dovish Fed policy.

The index has gained a few new members, and lost some.

See what they are below.

The S&P 500, meanwhile, pressed back above 3,500 on Friday for the first time.

Continue reading for more of what's moving the Dow today…


Buy Put Options on Disney Stock Before This Happens

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic and lockdowns was the cancellation of sports.

That's not just a minor inconvenience for sports fans, there are billions of dollars at stake.

Disney was one of the hardest hit stocks during the pandemic, dropping 42% between Jan. 1 and March 23.

With its portfolio of theme parks and cruise lines, Disney became a popular target for bearish traders.

Today shares have rallied nearly 60% higher since their March lows and the stock is within striking distance of get back to even on the year.

That growth might not hold up if sports don't return this fall.

And it's making put options the perfect strategy for Disney stock...

3 Best Stocks for Options Trading in September

If there is one thing an options trader loves, it's a market that moves.

The farther and faster, the better.

And that's why the 2020 crash and supersonic recovery has created fertile ground for options traders.

The problem is that not all stocks are created equal.

You can trade some for outsized profits but some just won't keep moving in the direction you want them to move.

For the latter group, they are not worth your time, or your money.

What options traders look for in a stock is one with predictable, sustained movement.

That way you can tailor your options strategy to the stock and repeat it over and over.

Unlike investments you can set and forget, traders need stock action in the short-term.

We’re here to help you find these stocks people like to trade.

Is Snowflake Stock a Buy After the IPO?

If you haven’t yet checked out the cloud computing market, do it now.

In 2019, researchers predicted this industry would grow from $266 million to $832 million, a total of 212%, by 2025.

It is well on the way.

And the latest tech IPOs are contenders to grab a piece of that 212%.

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most exciting IPOs this year and whether you should buy Snowflake stock once it’s public.