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The Accelerating “Reshoring” Trend Makes This Trucking Stock a Must-Buy

For decades globalization has dominated the conversation around production of goods.As a rule, the largest corporations in the world outsource production to China, India, and many other countries with cheap labor.But a bipartisan political backlash to the mass exporting of American jobs, and the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on global supply chains means that traditional narrative is changing quickly .

That is why I’m looking directly at trucking – long haul trucking (LHT), specifically.

Buy This Stock Before America’s Diesel Shortage Becomes a Diesel Crisis

There’s no mystery behind the energy sector’s strength right now: Diesel supply is at decade lows, with East Coast supplies dwindling to “code red” levels for the first time in years.Gasoline prices, on average, are up 10% nationwide from a year ago, despite the drawdowns from the U.S.Strategic Petroleum Reserve.And, thanks to Vladimir Putin’s continuing aggression in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia are getting even more strict.

Here’s the ticker…

How to Profit from the Tech Sector’s Accelerating Decline

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest was a poster child for success in 2020.Between the March 2020 “COVID Crash” lows and February 2021, its top exchange-traded fund, ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK) gained more than 313%.This made ARKK one of the top-performing ETFs, and thrust ARK honcho Cathie Wood into the spotlight as a top stock picker.

So, let’s dig into the data set – it reveals some pretty shocking things about the state of the tech sector in general…