Carnival Corp

Three Stocks: Tesla, SoundHound AI, and Carnival Cruise Lines

Tesla This morning’s headlines delivered the news that a lot of traders saw coming. Tesla (TSLA) reported deliveries of 386,810 vehicles for the first quarter, falling short of analysts’ expectations of 433,000. The shortfall accounts for the first decline in vehicle delivery in four years and signals longer-term difficulties for the EV giant. Wedbush referred […]

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Three Recovery Stocks to Buy Before Summer Starts

Some pandemic recovery plays have been a lot smoother than others – JETS and PEJ have had relatively consistent runs up.

Other recovery stocks to buy haven't been "all upside," though; they've had much choppier runs, with steep sell-offs along the way.

That's changing now, though, and the time is right to jump on these three surging stocks…



The Best Stocks to Profit on the Strongest Economy in 38 Years

The mainstream media’s putting out a lot of bearish commentary lately.

And Shah wants you to ignore it all – indeed, you’ll be richer for it.

Shah likes every single one of the stocks they’re telling you to avoid.

If you don’t own them already, buy them.

If you own them, buy more.

Here’s why Shah’s so bullish on the long term….



This Is the Best Value Stock to Buy Right Now

With the rate at which vaccinations are currently taking place across the country, there’ll likely be a shot available to every adult who wants one by May 1.

It’s what’s driving a historic economic recovery in record time.

For investors, it means monster profit potential in classic value stocks right now.

And Andrew thinks this firm’s the real deal….



How to Play Disney Stock This Week

The $358 billion entertainment juggernaut, Walt Disney Co., recently announced its Disney+ streaming service had topped 100 million subscribers.

And its revenue flow’s remained steady despite the pandemic shutting down its theme parks and cruises.

Even so, Andrew’s starting to see some signs of weakness that could add up to massive profits for folks on the right side of the trade….



Why Only One of the Top Travel Stocks Is Worth Buying

With two viable vaccines ready to rollout, some expect the travel industry to roar back to life in 2021.

Investors are racing to catch potentially explosive gains by buying the best travel stocks right now.

But buyer beware: There is only one travel stock worth buying right now.

And we're going to tell you all about it.