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Why ZM, PTON, and ETSY Are Great Bargains Right Now

Thanks to this week’s Vaccine Jump, nearly every segment of the market was in the green except one: the big “Pandemic Stocks” like Zoom, Clorox, Peloton, and the like.

While these “Pandemic Stocks” will naturally be marginalized once normality returns, it’s not happening anytime soon.

So don’t run with the crowd on this because these emotionally-driven selloffs are handing us a rare profit opportunity….



You Can Buy Low on These 2 Stocks Right Now

How do you find stocks with high volatility potential when the market is relatively calm? That's where Money Morning's Quantitative Trading Strategist Chris Johnson shines.

You see, Chris uses his proprietary trading software to find stocks that have a high probability of breaking out after a pull back.

Imagine getting to buy stocks in March all over again.

On Monday, he called the breakout for Clorox Co.

(NYSE: CLX) using this software.

And during his most recently Money Morning Markets Live stream yesterday (Aug.

12), he revealed two stocks investors should be buying on the dip right now.

Both of these stocks have risen considerably since March and have finally pulled back to levels Chris thinks investors can profit from over the long-run.

Here they are...


How to Trade Through a Global Crisis

With the extreme moves in the market today, it would be easy to close your eyes and just hope things get better.

But the trader's best weapon right now is a sober view of reality.

Reacting to each market extreme or avoiding markets altogether isn't a winning strategy.

Remember, for all the losses you see, somebody is taking the other side of all these trades and is making a killing.

Why not you?


Trading Strategies

The Two Things to Do When the Dow Falls 500 Points

My colleague Keith Fitz-Gerald told you yesterday how we could see a 3% to 5% market drop as more coronavirus news comes out. The Dow's lost about 1.8% since Friday.

Usually this week we'd be diving into earnings-related profits – it's one of the biggest earnings weeks of the quarter.

But that's getting overshadowed by virus-related volatility.

When markets have big down days – when the Dow drops 500 points and the S&P drops 50, with reason to keep going – I think two things: 1) Where's safety? and 2) How do I trade it?

If you know how to answer both of those questions, you don't have to sweat market drops. In fact, you just use them to make money.

And when you have a chart like this one, it gets even easier… Full Story

And when you have a chart like this one, it gets even easier...