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Short Selling

Profit from One of the Worst Stocks on the Market Now

Despite large gains in the stock market this quarter, one of the worst stocks on the market today just dropped 9% in a single day, and it's not finished.

The big question on investors' minds is how do you profit from such a large drop in stock price?

Our experts tell you everything you need to know in order to cash in big on one of the best stock short opportunities this year...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Rising as ECB Stimulus Fuels Rally

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is rising in premarket hours as investors respond positively to the ECB's stimulus plans.

Investors are also continuing to celebrate the rally caused by Donald Trump's election victory.

But that's not the only reason why the Dow is rising- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for Dec. 9...


I've Never Seen an Earnings Collapse Like This - Time to Move

I've spent years studying junk bond issuers, so I always get suspicious when I see a restaurant company, of all things, trading at high multiples of earnings, cash flow, or debt.

The restaurant business is notoriously risky, you see; there are few barriers to entry, fickle and economically sensitive consumers are at every turn, and it's extremely difficult to maintain high quality at any point on the price spectrum.

Still, it's not often you find a grossly overvalued (and overripe) company lying smack in the middle of the intersection of every single one of these very specific woes.

Yet that's exactly what I've found here.

In fact, I've just issued detailed trading instructions for profiting on this clunker to my Zenith Trading Circle readers, but this company is in such bad shape – such a perfect example of almost everything wrong with Corporate America today – that I had to let everyone know, so you can get the chance to profit now and later on, if a similar situation unfolds again.

Let's have a look at what my research has turned up - so long as you've got an empty stomach...


The CMG Stock Price Will Continue to Plummet in 2016

The CMG stock price dropped over 3% today as new cases of E. coli outbreaks were reported in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Since October, the CMG stock price has plunged nearly 30%.

Some value investors may think this is a time to buy, but find out why the Chipotle stock price could drop even further in 2016...