Pfizer Inc


The Five Most Outrageous Drug Price Increases of 2016

Some of the most outrageous drug price increases of 2016 have placed huge burdens on patients and caregivers alike. According to an Oct. 11 report funded by the American Hospital Association (AHA), total net spending on prescription drugs by hospitals this year is up to $309.5 billion, making prescription drugs the fastest-growing segment of the […]

Here's our list of the most outrageous drug price increases of 2016...

Dow Jones

The 5 Worst-Performing Dow Jones Stocks of 2016

Being on the Dow Jones Industrial Average comes with great expectations, especially when the index as a whole is up almost 15% YTD and has a rallying market behind it.

2016 saw some exceptions to these expectations, with companies facing increasing competition, lower consumer interest, and hefty fines.

The 5 worst Dow Jones stocks have seen losses of up to 18% in 2016 alone, with more declines in value to come in 2017...

The Fed

How the Federal Reserve Will Destroy Capitalism

With few policy options remaining in the event of another fiscal crisis, the Federal Reserve is floating an idea that would spell the end of capitalism.

In an effort to stimulate the economy, the Fed will start buying stocks. Several other central banks are already doing it.

The Fed needs only the blessing of Congress to get started, practically a given.

This would be poison to the markets - but here's what investors can do to profit from it...


Will Healthcare Stocks Rise Under Trump?

Whether healthcare stocks rise under Donald Trump depends on how he carves up Obamacare.

To be sure, something will get done. Trump and the Republican Congress made it clear they would repeal and replace Obamacare if elected.

Assumptions about what Trump will do at first sent pharma stocks soaring and hospital stocks plunging. But the odds are high that Trump's changes won't be as drastic as feared.

Here's what reform will mean for healthcare stocks in 2017...


Donald Trump's Corporate Tax Reform Aimed at $2.6 Trillion in Profits

A President Donald Trump corporate tax reform plan is something that could definitely get done in 2017.

With $2.6 trillion in untaxed foreign corporate profits sitting overseas, there's already a bipartisan appetite on Capitol Hill to get something done next year.

But while corporate tax reform sounds like a threat to large multinationals, the proposed changes have some surprising benefits.

Here's why tax reform could actually boost the stocks of a lot of big companies...