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How to Stop Worrying and Start Raking It in This Month

No matter how tempting it might be to try and jump on stocks in the news, the truth is trading the headlines won't get you very far.

Frankly, it can even put you behind – I'll share a horror story in a minute.

I understand how tough it can be. How often do you find yourself watching the news and all of a sudden, you see some story on a stock you own? Whether it's good news or an "uh-oh" moment, you get the urge to pop online and check your positions.

If you resist the temptation, good – that's the right move, and I'll show you why in a second. Otherwise, you might run in and make a buy or sell decision… in a rush, in an emotional state. That never really ends well.

Turns out the smart thing to do is actually pretty simple… Full Story

Turns out the smart thing to do is actually pretty simple...

Trading Strategies

Three Breakout Income Stocks to Grow Your Wealth for Years

Yields are up right now – and that's good news for investors who want to make some income.

With the stock market still down about 14% from its record highs in February, yields have climbed from an average 1.9% in February to 2.4% in April.

Of course, you don't have to settle for just yield.

You can buy stocks with healthy yield and that are climbing higher, so you can get paid to hold it and see your investment grow.

To find those stocks, our Chris Johnson turns to the technicals – otherwise known as the EKG of the market, showing you exactly what's going on.

Today, the technicals have led me to three breakout income stocks that are flashing the key bullish signals I look for when buying and that give you reliable yield...


Markets Live Recap: Our Experts Break Down Gilead, Bitcoin, and the Fed

This was another unprecedented week for the financial markets.

We saw an additional 5.2 Americans lose their jobs and file for unemployment (bringing the total to 22 million).

To combat the sudden halt in the economy, the U.S. Federal Reserve has pumped in trillions of dollars to the economy.

Its balance sheet has risen from $4.1 trillion to $6.4 trillion in less than two months.

And now, there are talks of additional stimulus.

It's too be seen whether throwing money at every problem will solve them… Or whether we're just kicking the can further down the road.

On the positive side, there's hope that we're taking our first steps to eradicate COVID-19.

Some of the top biotech companies in the world have seen promising results in early tests to combat the disease.

Either way it plays out, our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, and D.R. Barton, Jr. – are here to break down what they're seeing in the markets every day they're open.

And if you're able to join us live, they'll even answer your most pressing questions.

Here's what they saw today, Friday, April 17...


Markets Live Recap: Bank Earnings, New York Manufacturing, Safety Stocks, and Gold

Huge declines in year-over-year bank earnings were in focus on Wall Street this morning as some of the heavyweights reported before the opening bell.

The market opened down about 2% and closed near the same levels.

But that certainly isn't the only news you should be taking into account today…

You see, bank earnings have "knock-on effects" that can ripple throughout the economy in a variety of ways.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – saw in real time today, April 15


Trading Strategies

A Quick Note on How to Play Stocks in an Uncertain World

Like you and millions of other investors, I've been following the conflict in the Middle East closely; as the past week has shown, events there have the potential to impact multiple global market sectors.

And, not surprisingly, I've got a couple of important observations that could play a pivotal role in protecting your profits and your capital.

One of the most significant things, in my view, is what didn't happen: Markets didn't collapse. Not all that long ago, markets all over the world would've fallen through the floor the instant news of the attacks in Saudi Arabia broke. This time around, however, the markets displayed remarkable resilience. This strength is important to keep in mind.

Also important, though I'm sure you and I wish it weren't: There will be more attacks. The region is just too chaotic to count on peace breaking out.

And most importantly for our chat today, there will be strength in specific stocks if the conflict boils over again. That's what we're going to talk about now - how to concentrate your money to protect your capital and your profits...


This U.S. Cannabis Firm Could Be Next on the Nasdaq

We've talked about some of the unique challenges facing legitimate United States-based cannabis companies – challenges that come from its illegal status at the federal level.

Banking is one challenge; marijuana firms in the states have an incredibly difficult time accessing those services for fear of running afoul of Uncle Sam's money laundering statutes.

Achieving a listing on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange is another problem – and one with even more of an impact on investors. It effectively cuts off the company and its shareholders from the $20 trillion in capital that trades in the "big leagues."

Most American marijuana firms have to offer shares "on the pink sheets," in the smaller, markedly less liquid over-the-counter markets.

The other day, I showed you one U.S. cannabis company that took an ingenious "shortcut" route through a wall of red tape to list on the Nasdaq; it's the dawn of what I called a "$20 trillion tomorrow."

That tomorrow may come sooner than anyone realizes – because another American marijuana firm is making a play for its Nasdaq listing.

Here's what you need to know...