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Here's the Best $1 Trade on Raytheon Right Now

Two of America's biggest defense contractors turned their earnings in this past week, and the results were… mixed.

Raytheon Technologies reported a solid beat on earnings per share, and the stock went up, but Lockheed Martin took a beating for missing on earnings expectations – a heckuva way for investors to treat the company that just this past Wednesday replaced Boeing as the world's biggest aerospace and defense operation.

But the common thread here is both companies' extremely iffy forward guidance on aircraft and equipment sales; forecasts were much lower than expected, and that's kept interest pretty tepid.

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now… Full Story

That's going to be the key to unlocking some profits on a trade that I think Wall Street just isn't looking for right now...

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Here's the Best Time to Buy AAPL and TSLA Stock

For the 56th time since 1896, the Dow Jones has spiced things up – Exxon Mobil, Pfizer, and Raytheon are out, and "new economy," biotech, and tech stocks Salesforce.com, Amgen, and Honeywell International are in.

But for sharp traders, the real story – and the real opportunity – is over on the high-flying NASDAQ Composite.

Sure, the endless string of new record highs is nice, but I'm talking about the stock splits approved by the boards of Apple and Tesla. AAPL and TSLA shares split 4-for-1 and 5-for-1, respectively.

That ignited monster rallies in both stocks and, in short order, long-term bulls will get a beautiful entry point.

The thing is, it's not right now.

I'm going to show you the signal to watch for to know exactly when to strike for profit… Full Story

I'm going to show you the signal to watch for to know exactly when to strike for profit...

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What to Buy as the Dow Nears 30,000

The Dow is pushing toward 30,000, up more than 1,000 points in the past 30 days – great news for all of us in the markets.

Of course, now I'm being asked more and more when the sell-off is coming…

Any time you get a big run-up like this, it's normal to expect a pullback. But here's the key takeaway on that: That is normal.

We want buying and selling. Corrections happen; we use them to get a better entry point into our favorite stocks and enjoy the ride when they inevitably climb back up.

That's why, no matter where the market is, what we buy largely remains the same…

Anyone following along with my Total Wealth research service is familiar with the six forces of the investing world that never lose the power to move markets – the Unstoppable Trends.

These industries are always in demand and evolving with the times, and they never stop bringing profits to investors.

In other words: These are the stocks with the potential to dramatically outperform the markets.

Not only are all the Unstoppable Trends just as profitable as they were when I identified them 13 years ago, but many are getting even stronger – meaning the companies they support could make you even more money.

That's why I'm always looking to buy in these six areas – whether markets are at highs, lows, or somewhere in between.

Here's a look at the best plays these trends are showing us today – including the one I call "the biggest opportunity on the planet right now"… Full Story

Here's a look at the best plays these trends are showing us today - including the one I call "the biggest opportunity on the planet right now"... Full Story


The Best Sectors to Invest in for 2020

Keith is always telling his free Total Wealth readers about what he calls the six "Unstoppable Trends" in the market.

From the times of ancient China, to medieval England, the Renaissance, and now to the modern United States, these Unstoppable Trends have made those with the foresight incredibly wealthy.

And Keith says they'll continue to help folks generate wealth throughout the 21st century.

The reason is simple: The Unstoppable Trends are backed by trillions of dollars that Washington cannot derail, the Fed cannot meddle with, and Wall Street cannot hijack.

Now, he wants Money Morning readers to take advantage of the opportunities they present for 2020 as well.

The six "sectors" we're showing you today are poised to be some of the best sectors to invest in for 2020.


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How to Buy More Stock Without Spending More Money

Many investors have convinced themselves the bull market is over. They'll start the year by selling and heading to the sidelines, using even the slightest market drop to justify their actions.

I can't think of a worse mistake.

Really, there are all kinds of ways to hedge volatility these days. No investor need fear a bear market – let alone suffer the ravages of getting financially mauled.

You can run flat or down markets to your advantage, and you can use the tactics I've covered for you here and in my Total Wealth research service.

Today, I want to introduce a new wrinkle. I want to show you how to buy more stocks without spending more money.

It's a simple, easy-to-use tactic that's ideally suited for current market conditions – and best of all, one that could lead to profits of 2,426% or more.

As always, I've got a few examples and stocks that can help you put what you learn today into action immediately. So let's get started...


As the 2020 Election Ramps Up, Here's the One Chart Investors Need to See

By this time next year, we'll have elected a new president of the United States. Whether you elect a Democrat, Republican, heck, even a Martian from outer space, things are going to change… big time.

And what I'm going to tell you today isn't for everybody. It's for investors who want to make gobs of money, because the truth of the matter is that profits trounce politics every time.

If you're one of millions of Americans who are worried about power changing hands – or not – you're not alone. People are beginning to feel the pressure of political, economic, and financial chaos based on the coming year, and the big changes we could see as a result of the upcoming election.

Right now, the focus is on the Democratic Party – namely, who will be the nominee to stand up to current U.S. President Donald Trump. Both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are polling as front-runners, and both of them have policies that will shake up the political, economic, and financial environment that Trump has cultivated.

A lot of people on both sides of the aisle view the election as a negative influence simply because we're in the middle of a market melt-up and any sort of change – whether it's the change of presidency a year from now or even the (slowly rising) threat of it – can tip the markets and send us into a full-scale recession.

It'll be full-blown chaos.

But the thing is, there's loads of money to be made here, and I won't let you miss the huge profit potential being created as voting comes down to the wire.

Let me explain...


The "Unstoppable Trends" Offer the Richest Opportunities on the Planet Right Now (and They Always Will)

When we spoke last week, I shared with you that it took me thousands of hours of research and work – wait, make that "blood, sweat, and toil" – to isolate what only seems obvious in full hindsight: the six Unstoppable Trends.

They are energy; demographics; medicine; technology; war, terrorism, & ugliness; and scarcity/allocation.

From ancient China to medieval England to Renaissance Italy to modern America, each one of the Unstoppable Trends has been making people with the foresight to line up behind 'em filthy rich.

I'm convinced they'll continue to do so throughout the 21st century and well beyond.


Well, each one of these trends is backed by trillions of dollars and unfathomably strong momentum; each one is resistant to the kinds of government and banking monkeyshines that have gone on in one form or another for centuries.

Heck, some of the Unstoppable Trends even thrive on that stuff!

Now, I normally keep these recommendations reserved for folks who get my free Total Wealth research, but today, I want to give everyone the chance to pursue the uniquely profitable opportunities the Unstoppable Trends offer.

Let's jump in...

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A 409.28% Advantage - Practically No Matter What the Markets Do Next

Achieving higher returns is easier than you think. All you need is the right portfolio structure.

There's no question that having the right stock picks is important, which is why we talk about those frequently – but that's only part of the proverbial equation.

Folks who blindly leap from stock to stock, for example, are in for a rude awakening, even if they're investing in the big winners like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Raytheon that we've covered together.

That's because the risk associated with their money changes.

Sadly, most folks are completely blind to the potential, so they leave a lot of money on the table that could be – rather bluntly – in their pockets. Heck, in your pockets.

As always, I've got a recommendation for you that makes an ideal cornerstone investment for any investor interested in both the truth and higher returns.

Today's the day you stop leaving money on the table…


Our Top Defense Stock to Buy amid Tensions with China

Around the globe, economic fears are rising.

And the threat that stands out the most is China. Last week, China celebrated its 70th anniversary. A military parade showed off a hypersonic nuclear missile that can strike the heart of North America within 30 minutes.

The expected downturn in the market is an excellent time to think defensively.

You want to own stocks that can provide income and share price appreciation. You'll also want to tap into America's booming defense industry.

Here, we'll show you how we discovered this stock and why it's poised to break out in the coming months...

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A Quick Note on How to Play Stocks in an Uncertain World

Like you and millions of other investors, I've been following the conflict in the Middle East closely; as the past week has shown, events there have the potential to impact multiple global market sectors.

And, not surprisingly, I've got a couple of important observations that could play a pivotal role in protecting your profits and your capital.

One of the most significant things, in my view, is what didn't happen: Markets didn't collapse. Not all that long ago, markets all over the world would've fallen through the floor the instant news of the attacks in Saudi Arabia broke. This time around, however, the markets displayed remarkable resilience. This strength is important to keep in mind.

Also important, though I'm sure you and I wish it weren't: There will be more attacks. The region is just too chaotic to count on peace breaking out.

And most importantly for our chat today, there will be strength in specific stocks if the conflict boils over again. That's what we're going to talk about now - how to concentrate your money to protect your capital and your profits...