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Buy These Three Stocks Now for More "Fractional Shares" Profits

Fractional shares have completely revolutionized investing – forever.

Now it's anyone's game – as long as you're ready to take that first step towards financial freedom.

On Monday, Shah told you about four stocks that'll help you get started on your wealth-building path, that you can buy in fractional shares – so you don't need to shell out for an entire share if you don't want to.

Today, Shah's completing the list by adding three more stocks, to complete your wealth-building "buy" list…



The Top Four Fractional Shares to Start Building Wealth Today

Not long ago, commissions, transfer fees, "odd-lot" fees, and slow communications were huge barriers of entry for the markets; regular investors were frozen out.

But fractional shares have changed all that, making it easier than ever for more people to build real wealth.

Shah Gilani recommends buying these four fractional shares to get started…



The Best EV Stock to Buy Today Costs Less Than $50

Don't go selling your TSLA stock just yet… but don't expect it to put 1,500% profits in your account, either.

Tesla's most explosive growth is behind it for now, but Andrew Keene thinks he's found the next Tesla out there.

It costs $45 a share compared with more than $650…



One of the Best Stocks to Put $100 in Today

A lot of retail investors think "it takes big money to make money" – but they're dead wrong.

This way of thinking is only an "obstacle" on the path to wealth and the good news is, it no longer exists.

Thanks to the fractional shares revolution that's swept over markets, you can now own pieces of a stock, no matter how expensive its trading price, with as little as $100.

And this stock is the perfect candidate…



Buy This Instead of "Big Tech" Stocks and Bank 55% Gains

Inflation and sky-high valuations have finally caught up with the big tech stocks; the entire NASDAQ is down 3% for the month, and it looks even worse stock by stock.

But one exchange-traded fund (ETF) just hit Chris Johnson's "buy" zone – it's offering at least 55% in profit potential right now.



My Chart Says Everything About Bitcoin Prices Right Now

Elon Musk’s Twitter feed has a lot of Bitcoin and crypto investors reaching for the antacids lately; the outspoken CEO’s helped send Bitcoin on a $7,000+ slide, and at one point wiped $300 billion off the cryptocurrency markets.

Don’t worry: Tom Gentile’s Bitcoin price chart shows where to buy back in or buy more, and hints that the bulls will run again soon… .