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This Amazon Bitcoin Price Jump Is Small Compared to What's Coming

The Bitcoin price neared $40,000 over the weekend on rumors that Amazon might start accepting crypto by the end of 2022.

An anonymous tip told London newspaper City A.M. that Amazon might even develop their own coin.

For people following cryptocurrencies, this news might send mixed signals.

On one hand, you're glad Bitcoin might see more adoption.

On the other, Amazon producing its own coin represents the antithesis of Bitcoin.

Something else happened over the last week that will sustain Bitcoin over the long term.

This more concrete move instills confidence that Bitcoin can continue to grow regardless of what Amazon does...


Why Twitter Stock Is Lagging Its Tech Rivals

Twitter stock is one of the few social media and tech stocks that is struggling recently.

You notice this more easily when comparing Twitter to other social media companies like Facebook having a monster year.

However, remember that Mr.

Market like to exaggerate these kinds of differences.

Here is why Twitter stock is really lagging behind Big Tech, and what to expect from the stock later in the year.



How Some Investors Made 6,567% on the Coinbase IPO

Coinbase made history last month with the biggest-ever direct listing, closing its first day at nearly $86 billion.

What’s more, an entire class of savvy investors also made an absolute killing that day because they were perfectly positioned.

Today, Neil will show you how those extreme profits were locked in and how you could do the same on the next big IPO… .