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Why Twitter Stock Is a Buy After Its Latest Innovations

Twitter is about to make some serious improvements to its product and that could make the stock a breakout candidate.

For years it seemed like the only update that Twitter made was giving you the ability to send out 280 characters.

But Twitter has turned the pandemic into opportunity and is launching a slew of initiatives that could send it soaring.

Here's what Twitter is up to and why it's a buy right now...


This Tech Stock Makes Money Every Time You Shop

Nearly 100,000 businesses closed due to COVID-19 this year.

Yelp Inc.

(NYSE: YELP) reported 60% of its listings permanently shuttered.

Now, with a second wave of COVID-19 underway, businesses will again scramble for ways to avoid becoming a statistic.

The tech stock we have for you today is part of the solution.

We’re talking an industry poised for 178% growth.

It was valued at $2.8 billion in 2019.

But Cision says it could hit $7.8 billion by 2027.

Thing is, you wouldn’t know it.

You interact with this almost every day, yet you hardly think about it.




The Real Supreme Court Bombshell Could Ignite One Sector

It's all over the news today: Senate Republicans unanimously voted to advance Amy Coney Barrett's nomination for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to the full Senate.

Meanwhile, a court matter of huge importance to investors isn't front-page news, but most definitely should be: The Supreme Court may very well have the $9 trillion tech sector – particularly the FAANGs – in its sights.

Of course, the Supreme Court hears and rules on cases of national and even global importance sometimes. But it's not every day a case like Malwarebytes Inc. v. Enigma Software Group USA LLC comes up. This case concerns massive issues of technology, money, freedom of speech, and everything that stems from that – including the elections – all rolled into one.

There's a lot at stake here, and I'm going to walk you through what's going on because, as I said, this is a $9 trillion issue impacting some of the richest, best-performing stocks in the market. Vast fortunes, including countless retirement accounts, are in play.

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks… or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel… Full Story

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks... or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Now Rebounding After Three-Day COVID Sell-Off

The Dow Jones now could bounce back after a week of COVID losses on Capitol Hill.

The pressure was due to fleeting hope about stimulus negotiations between the White House and Democratic leaders.

While President Trump has expressed his willingness to increase his offer to Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he didn’t plan to introduce a large fiscal stimulus bill on the Senate floor.




3 Cybersecurity Stocks Better Than Cisco Right Now

The big Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) hack over the last week has put cybersecurity back into the limelight, and investors have taken notice.

Today, we'll show you how to capitalize on the surge in interest with three of the best cybersecurity stocks.

And they don't include the world's biggest network security company in Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO).

That one is too obvious and we're here to give you insight into some of the companies flying under the radar.



Should I Buy Airline Stocks Now? Chris Johnson Explains in His "Markets Live" Session

Airline stocks find themselves in a precarious situation right now.

In April, these businesses received $25 billion in bailouts from the U.S. government to continue paying their hundreds of thousands of employees.

Under the terms stipulated by the government, the airlines weren't allowed to make any layoffs or job cuts until Sept. 30.

The government hoped the money would be enough to tide the airlines over until October, when travel was expected to pick back up again…

But that clearly hasn't happened.

You see, the number of passengers going through TSA is down 74% from a year ago.

And with COVID cases surging again, it doesn't seem like this trend will reverse itself soon...