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How Central Banks and the IMF Will Try to Kill Bitcoin... and Replace It with Something Terrifying

Theorists of all kinds and persuasions agree: We're almost certainly hurtling toward a cashless, digital currency-using society at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The question is, what is it going to look like?

Realistically, it will be nowhere near the original vision laid out for Bitcoin, much to the chagrin of crypto-enthusiasts and real-money libertarians everywhere.

As I'm going to show you, the path being taken is a tale of national, international, and even supranational intrigue that you might never have imagined.

It's filled with so many contradictions, it's become laughable.

Yet the central planners behind it all have so much to gain, it's a near certainty that soon we'll all be using the same virtual global cryptocurrency – like it or not.

And if you think your freedom and privacy are threatened now... well you ain't seen nothin' yet...


What I Learned on the Mega-Banks' Earnings Calls

Last Friday, the first wave of bank earnings reports hit Wall Street, when JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., and scandal-stricken Wells Fargo & Co. released their first-quarter financials.

Now, ask any one random person in a "Man in the Street"-style interview what they'd expect of the "Too Big to Fail" banks' performance, and I'd bet you would get a shrug and hear something like, "I dunno – they probably made a ton of money, right?"

And that random person would be right… by about half. The big banks do make a ton of money, to be sure, but that's not the most important reason to sit up and pay attention.

That's right: Even if you don't own a single share, big bank earnings calls are a can't-miss event.

Listening to the big bank conference calls is like listening in on closed-door conversations with the U.S. financial industry's most powerful players.

These bankers not only control most of the economy's loans and deposits, but they also get a very clear picture each quarter of how individuals and businesses are faring and where they appear to be heading.

The calls are a road map, essentially, or a cheat sheet that can give you some dynamite investing ideas, not to mention precious intelligence on the state of the American economy.

That's why I never miss one - and you don't have to, either, because I'll let you in on what I heard...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Shakes Off Losing Streak as Earnings Season Begins

The Dow Jones today projected a second straight day of strong gains as companies begin to report their first quarter earnings of 2018.

Dow futures were up nearly a 150 points in pre-market trading, despite the lingering threat of a trade war and Middle Eastern conflict still hanging over the markets.

Investor are paying close attention to a key round of banking reports that will hit the markets before the bell.


Amazon Banking Is Coming; Here's Your Backdoor Profit Play Inc. is in talks to develop a "checking-account-like product" for consumers. Considering Amazon's recent forays into healthcare, package delivery, and brick-and-mortar retail, the company's move into finance is not surprising.

However, the implications of an Amazon banking service are huge. And we're betting on the one company that's likely to play a direct role in Amazon's revolution of the banking world...


Here's My Favorite Buy for Steady Returns in Volatile Times

My paid-up Money Map Report subscribers get a wealth of great recommendations every month. Each one is carefully researched and calibrated to help investors build a risk-balanced "50-40-10" portfolio of stocks and funds that pivot on the six global "Unstoppable Trends" that have been making people wealthy for centuries – and should continue to do just that for the foreseeable future.

But today, in the midst of the volatility and uncertainty roiling global markets, I want to share one of the most important recommendations with everyone.

This "buy" is so important, in fact, it's the very first investment I recommend each new subscriber make.

And even after more than 34 years in the global markets – including an action-packed decade as Chief Investment Strategist here at Money Map Press – it's still my No. 1 choice for stability and superior returns.

Let's dive right in...