Apple Inc

Three Stocks: Apple, Micron, and Canoo

Apple The Department of Justice is expected to sue Apple (AAPL) today for antitrust violations. The case is related to the company blocking competition from accessing hardware and software features of the iPhone. This isn’t Apple’s first time around with an antitrust suit, but the timing comes as Apple appears to be struggling with new […]

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Three Stocks: Bitcoin, Apple, and SoFi

Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) starts the day trading 2.5% higher after completing a 20% correction from its recent highs.  The cryptocurrency also found support close to another round-number at $60,000. The decline in Bitcoin has slowed some of the appetite for risk in the stock market, but I expect that we’re going to see another move […]

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We’re Down to the "Fantastic Four" Now

I watched a good friend, Ryan Detrick, interview none other than Cathie Wood a few weeks ago. The interview was informative and fun to watch, but one comment caught my attention. It was when Cathie Wood referred to that group of stocks that we’ve all fallen in love with as the “Magnificent Seven.” Her adjustment […]

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