Barrick Gold Corp

Three Stocks: Barrick Gold, AMD, and Bank of America

Barrick Gold Today's uptick in Barrick Gold (GOLD) shares is closely tied to the rising gold prices, which have been bolstered by current geopolitical tensions and the uncertainty surrounding recent elections – just like what CJ’s been talking about lately. As historical patterns suggest, gold often gains value in times of economic uncertainty, serving as […]

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Here's Another Buffett-Worthy Gold Play

Gold is near $2,000-plus all-time highs, so it's no surprise that investing legend Warren Buffett is riding alongside gold's bull run. But nobody seems to know about another class of gold plays to make right now, giving us more upside potential in this specific stock…



Should I Buy Barrick Gold Stock Now?

Warren Buffett's most recent SEC filing showed that Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) purchased 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold (NYSE: GOLD) in the second quarter.

This raised some eyebrows as Buffett has been pretty outspoken about his dislike of precious metals investments over the years.

In reality, it is unlikely that this was Buffett's call.

Rather, it was probably one of the other portfolio managers at the firm – Ted Weschler or Todd Combs – who each manage about $15 billion of Berkshire's investment portfolio.

The total purchase of Barrick Gold cost Berkshire $562 million, which is relatively small for Buffett, and more in line with Ted or Todd's position sizing.

In spite of that, the headlines screamed Buffett buys a gold stock.

And the headline traders piled in moving the stock price about 11% higher on Monday.

Today, I'll break down what the average retail investor should do with Barrick Gold stock now…



My Favorite Way to Play Gold's 20% Upside Potential

Gold is trading higher by about 15% year-to-date; a global pandemic and widespread economic destruction will tend to drive investors toward the safe havens.

And with no end date on COVID-19 and the increasing likelihood of a lurch down to March lows, there's plenty of headroom for more gold gains.

And that makes right now the perfect time to make this smart move.

For the past month or so, gold has been trading around $1,700 and $1,775.

In fact, our Chris Johnson believes $1,700 is a technical floor, or a "launch pad" from which gold can rocket higher – 15% or even 20% from here.

So yes, this is the right time to own gold.

But you don't have to be content with those profits alone.

Make sure you're holding these gold shares before gold moves another cent higher...