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How to Find the Best Stocks to Trade with 2 Simple Rules

In the sometimes-complicated world of technical analysis it often pays to just keep things simple.

Part of my daily analysis of the market includes checking the list of companies that are making technical moves as their patterns grow stronger.

The simplest way to do this is to scan my database for the best stocks to trade is to and find those with a "Silver Cross" pattern.

While the "cross" puts a stock on my radar, I dig in further to confirm the bullish signal.

Here are the simple rules I follow to make sure I've found a great trading opportunity...


3 Best Stocks for Options Trading in September

If there is one thing an options trader loves, it's a market that moves.

The farther and faster, the better.

And that's why the 2020 crash and supersonic recovery has created fertile ground for options traders.

The problem is that not all stocks are created equal.

You can trade some for outsized profits but some just won't keep moving in the direction you want them to move.

For the latter group, they are not worth your time, or your money.

What options traders look for in a stock is one with predictable, sustained movement.

That way you can tailor your options strategy to the stock and repeat it over and over.

Unlike investments you can set and forget, traders need stock action in the short-term.

We’re here to help you find these stocks people like to trade.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Climbs on Record Homebuilder Sentiment

The Dow Jones today is gaining as homebuilder sentiment rises to an all-time-high.

The S&P 500 is also pushing back toward all-time highs as investors speculate on the timing of the next COVID-19 stimulus bill.

Congress is currently away for August recess, but speculation is mounting that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of calling House Representatives back to debate new legislation.

Read on for everything moving the Dow today.


Trading Strategies

These "Walk Down Main Street" Stocks Could Double Your Money

On a normal weekend, I make the opportunity to hit a few retail centers to gauge the ebb and flow of the consumer. During my regular morning Markets Live stream, I like to share my "Walk Down Main Street" stock recommendations with the audience. Today, I'm sharing them with everyone.

A "Walk Down Main Street" is just like it sounds.

Find your local Main Street – a popular shopping street or mall…

Open your eyes, put one foot in front of the other, and take a walk.

Check out which stores are popular, which are dead. Take note of what people are wearing, and where their shopping bags come from.

By the time you're done with your stroll, you'll have a handy list of better, more profitable trading stocks than anything you can read about in The Wall Street Journal.

Last week, I hit four different shopping "areas" not far from me in Cincinnati. I usually hit a specialty store, a shopping mall (or two), a bunch of discounters, and some grocery and department stores.

Pace yourself, but generally, the more you see, the more profits you stand to make.

Here's what I found… Full Story

Here's what Chris found...

Trading Strategies

How You Can Cash In on the Housing Market's Surprising Performance

If you folks have been following along, you'll know that I've recently started offering a free new service called Profit Pregame, where every morning Monday through Friday, I've been delivering an easy-to-digest rundown of the market, answering the three simple questions:

What's happening?

Where's the money?

How can I get some?

Today, I want to aim these three questions toward the housing market's unexpected comeback. I'll break down how you can profit from this sector's surprising stability…

What's Happening?

Despite the impact of coronavirus, Americans are still ready and willing to buy a new home or fix up their current one.

To no one's surprise, the housing market experienced a sharp decline at the beginning of the pandemic…

In fact, in April, pending home sales reached their lowest point in nearly two years.

However, as restrictions begin to lift and more Americans go back to work, an influx of buyers and sellers are coming back to the market. And this rapid return is beginning to form what could be a "V-shaped" recovery.

Over the past few weeks alone, purchases have been skyrocketing. And we're seeing 13% more than at this same time last year.

Listed homes are also typically under contract within 30 days, which indicates that the market is moving fast.

That leads us to where the money is here…

That leads us to where the money is here...


Markets Live Recap: Facebook and Amazon Rally to New All-Time Highs

Stocks rose sharply today as investors bet on a successful economic recovery with more states easing their stay-at-home policies.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) and Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) led the way, both closing at new all-time highs.

The Dow was up 1.5%, the S&P 500 closed 1.7% higher, and the Nasdaq rallied 2.1%.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani – saw live at the open and close of the trading day.