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Dow Jones Today Stages Recovery as Italian Political Fears Continue to Shake Markets

The Dow Jones today rose 110 points as investors took stock after yesterday's broad selloff.

On Tuesday, the Dow dropped 391 points after the Italian parliament failed to form a coalition government over the weekend.

Italy, Europe's third largest economy and eighth largest globally, has faced increasingly volatile economic conditions in recent years as the nation's embrace of the single European market and common currency has cooled.


Kors' Splurge on Jimmy Choo Won't Save It from Retail's Ice Age

Michael Kors Holdings is buying high-end shoe retailer Jimmy Choo for $1.17 billion.

On the surface, it looks like a smart acquisition to add the high-profile, high-heeled fashion darling to the Kors stable of upscale offerings.

But there's a lot more to it.

The acquisition is a huge gamble on a new old strategy that Kors initially succeeded in executing… then royally screwed up.

Based on what Kors' management said about their plans for Jimmy Choo (and their own uphill battle in the Retail Ice Age), any wrong moves now could sink Kors stock and any hope of reclaiming the high ground and fat profit margins the brand once commanded.

Here's where Kors is headed and how acquiring Jimmy Choo could be the final nail in the coffin...

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What Beginners and Pros Alike Need to Know About the Volatility Ahead

The nail-biter in France is over, and the official runoff between centrist Emmanuel Macron and nationalist Marine Le Pen is set for May.

Now, early polls suggest Macron will walk off with 64% of the vote and become the next president of France. The markets agree, and, more significantly, they're indicating a Macron win will be good for France and European markets.

Whatever we might think of that, it's the market reality we'll have to contend with, and far from settling matters, this news is actually going to mean increased volatility in the near future.

So this is the perfect opportunity to bone up on what volatility really is, how best to deal with it, and, of course, the best part: how to profit from it...


Tom's Test Tells Us If This Retail "Bargain" Is the Real Deal

"Affordable luxury" giant Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (KORS) disappointed its shareholders Tuesday morning when the company announced misses on sales and revenue then threw very cold water on its guidance heading into the spring season.

Not even a modest diluted EPS beat of $1.64 could save the famous "$300 bag" provider from tumbling 14% in a day and, in fact, leading the entire New York Stock Exchange in daily losses.

Now, on the same earnings call, corporate chiefs announced some bold plans for turning the company's fortunes around in 2017. Their vision included slashing discounts and reducing supply, which might hurt sales in the short term, but which executives feel will, long term, "build a better value" and restore their products' rapidly fading sheen of exclusivity.

Bargain stock buyers and financial pundits liked the taste of the proposed strong medicine enough to send the shares higher yesterday, calling the stock a great buy at Wednesday's prices.

CNBC Asia's "Capital Connection" asked our Options Trading Specialist Tom Gentile if there was something to the buzz, or if the shares were better left alone.

He gives us the scoop with KORS stock here, using his "Three Ms of Retail Risk" to measure if it's a true bargain buy today...