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The Dow Jones Today Will Blast Off Ahead of a Fed Rate Cut

The Dow Jones today will rise as markets fully anticipate the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates on Wednesday. However, several Fed members have openly questioned the logic of a rate cut of up to 50 basis points due to recent positive economic data. The U.S. has just seen a lowering unemployment rate, high GDP, and the 49-year low rate of Americans seeking unemployment benefits.



Why the "Chip Dip" Is a Semiconductor Stock Buying Opportunity

A U.S.-China trade war hasn’t favored the technology sector.

But we’re still seeing the current dip in the chip market as an incredible discount on semiconductor stocks.

In fact, our favorite chip stock undercuts the industry by 21% right now.

And though it sounds unbelievable, that stock is projected to earn almost 40% in profits for today’s investor in a matter of months.

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Dow Jones Today Falls Amidst 13 Russian Nationals Being Indicted

The Dow Jones today is down following last week's decision by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who indicted 13 Russian nationals for allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

Dow futures fell 184 points ahead of the opening bell as investors continue to raise concerns about rising interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar...


Three Stocks to Buy Now That Keep Delivering Big Gains

Some of the best stocks to buy now have already logged impressive gains.

These are stocks that keep rising higher over time. While many investors would be tempted to take their initial profits and walk, Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon has a knack for knowing when to stick with a winner to capture even more gains.

Here are three stocks to buy that Patalon has recently re-recommended to his readers...