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Not Even This One-Two Punch Can Knock Out Our Top Military Tech Play

I've flown all over the world in all kinds of jetliners, and usually when the plane gets going, I tune out the safety presentation.

Been there, done that.

But on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Money Map Press headquarters in Baltimore to Oakland International Airport, I listened carefully as the flight attendant described the plane's safety features.

And when I looked around, I noticed a lot more passengers than usual doing the exact same thing.

Just two days before, a woman died on a Dallas-bound Southwest flight after an engine failed and she was nearly sucked out of the cabin.

At a time like this, many investors might shy away from The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), which made the ill-fated 737 aircraft in question.

But today, I'm going to show you why that would be a big mistake...


If You Missed Out on These 2017 Gains, Don't Make the Same Mistake in 2018

I sure hope you're not like Levi L. Or Michelle M. Or even Sean G., for that matter.

All three of these young people sat out one of the greatest bull markets for stocks in history. (At least that's what they told The Wall Street Journal last week.)

All three told the Journal they worried about losing money.

That outrages me.

If these kids had started investing in an S&P 500-based fund since the launch of Strategic Tech Investor on March 26, 2013, they'd be sitting on 70.1% gains.

That's not bad.

And they could have done a lot better if they were 2017 members of my premium trading service, Radical Technology Profits. There we regularly beat the market by buying cutting-edge tech winners that I've personally selected.

Let's take a moment today to take a look at some of the big wins Rad Tech members made last year.

You see, these big wins are just a taste of the home runs we'll be hitting in 2018.

And I want you to know how to join us...

Dow Jones

Here’s the News Investors and Traders Really Have to Watch Out For

We all woke up last Monday to news that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates, were indicted for money laundering, conspiracy, and lying to investigators.

At right around the same time, we got word that former Trump campaign policy advisor George Papadopoulos had been indicted nearly a month.

This, of course, is all part of the wide-ranging Mueller investigation into the 2016 election – an election that could still rock the highest levels of American politics before it's all said and done.

The markets… barely registered a blip at the news. The Dow slipped less than 1%, and the Nasdaq even went up to another record.

So, naturally, cable was full of questions like, "Are markets totally immune to news these days?"

The answer: well, a little. It depends.

The "events" you've really got to watch out for - and prepare for if you want to make some cash - won't necessarily make the front page...


Don't Let "Some Investors" Talk You Out of Beating the Market

CNN Money'sDaniel Shane just put out a doozy.

Just take a look at this Oct. 5 headline: "China's Tech Stocks Are Partying Like It's 1999."

"Shares in China's biggest internet companies are on a tear this year," Shane went on to write, "but some investors think things have gone too far."

The guy didn't even have the guts to make this argument himself. Instead, he leaned on "some investors."

To me, this is just the latest rehash of the half-decade-old effort – among "some investors" – to prove that a Silicon Valley "tech bubble" was about to burst.

This time, there's a slight twist. The bears' latest "bubble" is across the Pacific Ocean, among Chinese web firms.

The idea at work here is that China's entire e-commerce sector is about to go the way of the "dot-com" crash that slaughtered the Nasdaq Composite more than 17 years ago.

Here's the thing. Shane's entire premise is based on a false analysis. I think "some investors" may have led him astray.

Today, I'll show you, with math, that the opposite is true.

I'll prove that China's web leaders are not in a bubble – and that they offer tech investors like you huge long-term upside.

Plus, we'll investigate a great way to ride this trend for maximum profits - the kind of profits that keep beating the market year after year after year...

Trading Strategies

Don't Let the Government Lock You Out of the Best Investment Opportunities on April 10

As you might imagine, I work with a lot of numbers in my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist, so I'm pretty jaded when it comes to using statistics to make a point. But, every once in a while I come across something that stops me in my tracks.

Like the following data from Bankrate on the state of the American Dream:

…6 in 10 Americans do not have enough savings to cover an unplanned $500 expenditure

…and of the 41% who do, a whopping 20% would put it on a credit card. Still another 20% would have to cut spending to pay it, and fully 11% would ask family and friends for help.

If you're tempted to dismiss this information, do so at your own risk.

More than 3 billion people are going to join the global "conversation" we're having about money within the next decade and that means huge profits will be made by those who have an approach that works.

My goal is to make sure you're one of 'em.

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CEO Envisions Bitcoin Stock System to "Wipe Out" Wall Street

Overstock.com (Nasdaq: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne wants to create a Bitcoin stock trading system to make Wall Street obsolete.

Last month he created a wiki page on the Internet to solicit help in creating a decentralized, purely digital stock trading system that would use Bitcoin's blockchain – the mechanism that records and verifies all the transactions – as its foundation.

But while Byrne has made progress, he faces huge obstacles…

The Six Profit Plays to Consider as “Super Tuesday” Plays Out

By Jennifer Yousfi Managing Editor With Super Tuesday just hours away, the field has narrowed considerably from the last time Money Morning took a look at the Presidential candidates.  With the recent end to the campaigns of John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani, what was a wide-open race at the start of the New Year has […]

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Macquarie Group’s First-Half Profits Rise 45%, But Fearful Investors Cash Out

Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Investors backed away from Australian bank Macquarie Group Ltd. – despite a 45% gain in first-half profit – after Chief Financial Officer Greg Ward warned that the "very, very favourable equity market" the company enjoyed in the first half "may not be as favourable in the second half." Shares of Australia's […]

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