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The Best Market Timing Strategies for 2017

Tag Page Excerpt: Playing the stock market profitably requires you to use every strategy at your disposal to get a competitive edge.

Timing the market is probably one of the most talked about competitive edges of the stock market and one of the least understood.

We analyzed several market timing strategies and this one is our favorite. It has a profit potential of 50% in just one month...


New Prediction for Tesla Stock in 2017 Shows $300 a Share

Projections for Tesla stock in 2017 have been raised to $300 a share amid increasing competition in the electric car industry and increasing revenue.

The competition is seen as a positive for the industry as a whole and especially for Tesla, whose size makes it ready to capitalize on the increased consumer interest.

Here is everything you need to know about Tesla stock right now...


Will Tesla Stock Drop Under Trump?

President-elect Trump made American energy independence a centerpiece of his campaign, and now investors want to know whether Tesla stock will drop under Trump.

Many fear Trump's win will lead to a more favorable climate for fossil fuels. Others are skeptical about the need for renewable energy.

We'll tell you how to play the stock going forward, but we want to show you why investors are concerned first...


These 7 "Debt Bomb" Companies Are Set to Explode When Rates Rise

Corporate debt bombs – companies that have over-borrowed because of historically low interest rates – will be at a much greater risk of exploding when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates over the next couple of years.

These companies were OK as long as rates stayed low, but now the Fed is telegraphing its intent to raise rates to 1% next year and 2% in 2018.

And those Fed rate hikes will light the fuse on these seven corporate debt bombs...

Solar Power Stocks

Is SolarCity (SCTY) Stock a Buy Now?

With many analysts bullish on SCTY stock right now, should investors buy it?

The short answer: Probably not. But you can't blame investors for being tempted by SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) shares. Solar power is an industry growing at a very fast pace.

And while SolarCity is taking advantage of that growth, there's a darker side to this story.

Before you buy SCTY stock, you need to read this…